Sunday, September 25, 2011

Letter #3

I actually did get your letter!! jsut that the bookstore/mailroom was being switched to a diffrernt buliding so all the mail was delayed for 2 days!! thanks for the package!! i was actually murmuring to my district about why i never get any packages.... elder bate came out of the mailroom with all of our letters and everyone got something except for me. and i was like ahhh..... maybe tomorrow... but in my mind i was sad. then i got up to my room and started reading el libro de mormon. then there was a knock at my door and a worker at the MTC asked if there was an elder gray in the room... i was like.... yeah? porque? then he gave me the REALLY HEAVY box of goodies that you all sent me :) thanks so much!!! i love it. the root beer is already gone and my district loved the cookies. haha.
its weird how god answers your prayers. one day i was having a bad day because i couldn't understand what our investigator was saying. so after i was jsut reading the scriptures and i prayed that the lord could show me a scripture that would make me laugh. then i just opened my scriptures to a random page and viola!! Acts 10:36..... read it and you'll figure out why........ :)
yo se que dios respuesta nosotros oracianes. el oir nosotros preguntas y ayuda nos con todos.
my p day is always thursday here at the mtc. idk aobut in the mission field and we had elder nelson come talk to us about hte new ensign/liahona that is coming out!!! :) its a blessing to see 2 apostles in the two-three weeks that i have been here. im a lucky missionary.
they gave me a walking boot.... and when i taught my first investigator i thought it was a real investigator... then later i was walking into class and "luis" greeted me at the door. i was like, "hola luis!! como esta??" and just introduced himself as hermano richards and said that he is our other teacher. :P what a punk. so the "investigators" that we have are our teachers. they just use identities iof the investigators that they had on their missions.
and the spanish is coming along well. except we have this thing called trc.... and we go talk to real members who speak spanish... and that made me realize how much i dont know spanish... hahaa we met maria and she is from mexico. she has three missionary sons that all served in mexico.
thanks for your letters!!
i can't wait to see you all again.
my time is up on the comp so im going to the bookstore to print off some pictures to send you!! :)
elder gris

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