Monday, March 25, 2013

Transfers!! Acts 5:15

This week has been pretty good. We had transfers and I was sent to a different area.

I am now outside of Cordoba!!! Im in La Rioja. And its even cooler because Im in the capital of the province so it feels just like im in Cordoba. ahah

And the other elders left me a good suprise. We have a baptism this week! And we also have a baptism next week! and another one the week after! and were going to complete a family the week after!.... lots of blessings

Thanks Elder Diamond!!

My new comp is named Elder Drew Hill. He is from Ogden and he has.... 21 months in the mission. So it will be a nice transfer because I have a companion who already knows how to do the work and how to be a preach my gospel missionary. I really hope that we can see a lot of blessings in this transfer and that we can help all the people in La Rioja to know what the gospel is all about.

Im soooo pumped for General conference!! I seriously can not wait for one more moment. This week i ahve been reading a lot about the apostles and the work that they did in Acts. I really liked a scripture in Acts 5:15 that talks about Peter.... Read it!..... He had so much spiritual power that the people tried to be in his shadow to try to receive a blessing. Thats how I feel when I am running into the chapel to sit down and watch General Conference. I want to be blessed by the words taht they say and hopefully they can cast their shadow down upon me so that I can be healed.

In Alta Gracia I ended up not baptizing the Flia Farfan.... They found all of the papers that said when they had been baptized and such. So thats good. At the end of the night I went to visit them to say goodbye to the family and it was awesome because they ended up giving me a bunch of stuff and more importantly they gave thanks for the work that I did with their family. Brisa, one of the teenage girls, gave thanks and said "thank you for bringing me back into the gospel." She is awesome. Valentina also gave me a big huge hug before I left :D

On sunday we had a whole nation stake conferecne where we watched a broadcast from president Nelson and a couple other of people. It was really really good. He talked about Salvation and Exhaltation and how Salvation is Personal and Exaltation is for the family. and that the both are necessary.

I hope to put that into pナ病ctice here with my investigators.

I cant wait to see what lies ahead of me in this transfer in La Rioja. I have heard great things about it and im hoping to see the blessings of sacrifice and obedience.

Ive been taking a ton of fotos.... Hopefully I can find a better computer next time so that I can end up sending you guys the fotos of the families in Alta Gracia, and the sights here in La Rioja.


but im really hungry so im going to go to a kiosco and buy some shtuff :D

Love you all! Be safe!!

Elder Gray

Monday, March 18, 2013

Week 1000. . . or at least it feels like that. . . ja! :) D&C 67:10

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing great! I've been having a great time in Alta Gracia. We磛e been receiving a lot of blessings here and Im proud to announce that the Pope of the Catholic church is argentine!!! :D woohoo!!

A lot of the catholic people have a lot more 醤imo now. They are actually a little bit more receptive to our message. and they randomly give us candy if we knock on their door.... haha booyeah.

It was kinda funny though. When they finally annouced the pope, there was basically a big parade in our downtown... I thought that one of the futbol teams had won or something but no... everyone was chanting about the pope and how there was now hope... haha they创re crazy.

This week we ended up having some technical difficulties witht he baptism of Yamila... We couldn磘 find her... hahahaha but yeah, we are going to be preparing ehr baptism for the 30 of march now.

We ended up inviting 10 peopel this week to be baptized!!! 6 of them said yeah and they have a date to be baptized... the other four wouldn磘 commit to a specific date but hey,... they accpeted baptism.

But... no one showed up to church.... :P

This week we ended up helping out the Farf醤 family... they are probably my faovrite inavctive famliy who lives here and they love me! haha We told one of the sisters that she needs to repent and be "baptized again" (Alma 5:62) and she accepted. She ended up coming to church telling us that her and her husband had problems, he kicked her out of the house, and now she lives with her parents.... but she thanked s us a ton for the help. She now has her priorities in strait and she is seeing the blessings of living a temple worthy life.... Just hopefully we can help her set things striat with her husband. and we ended up having 4 inactive families come to church this week. So we did see some fruits of our work.

We 2 new investigators... one from the famlia Campi... who is an inactive famliy who wants to come back to church. They have a son who isn磘 baptized...

then there is a girl here who always goes to church but doesn磘 have her "registro"... so she might have to get baptized again.

but hey, we磍l see what happens!!

I love you all!

Trust in the promise that is in DC 67:10. You will end up seeing the Lord!

Lots of Love,

Elder Gray

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Campo de Sion!

Wow.... this week was amazing!! We had a lot of miracles happen to us and It was awesome to see the hand of the Lord in our lives this week.

I had the opportunity to got o Santa Rosa to help them find some more peopel to teach and help the work progress. So 4 of us leaders got the special mission to be the Campo de Zion.... So basically we just went and camped out in a pension and had no room to do anything but it was really cool to experience that. I felt like I was at EFY... haha

I ended up working with elder Yazzi. He is legit! we ended up finding 2 families and putting baptismal dates with 11 people.... Milagrasos!!

I also had the opportunity this week to learn a little bit about knowledge and wisdom... and especially the differences that there are between them.

Knowledge, in my words, would be to know how to do something. Wisdom, in my words, is knowledge applied...

I can know everything in the whole wide world about building a house and i could have read every single book to know how to build a house.... but when it comes down to actually buiding the house... I need to have experience.

It was cool to start being "wise" with some of the scriptures that I ahve always read my entire life... for example in 2 nefi 32:9. Debéis orar SIEMPRE y NO DESMAYAR.

I know that I should pray always and not faint.... its something i have always known... but.. I put it into practice this week

Before leaving the pension. we pray
before entering into a house. we pray
before knocking a door. we pray
before testifying. we pray
before teaching. we pray
before calling someone. we pray
before reading. we pray
before writing the family. we pray
before anything.... we pray!

this week, while putting that scripture into practice, we received a lot of blessings.

I ended up getting back to my area on satrdaya nd i thought i wasn´t going to be able to have many people in church because we werent able to visit many of them.

We ended up visiting a lady named Noemi and she said shewould be at the church at 930.

We waited for her until 10 o clock and she finally showed up! She asked for forgivness for showing up late and then we went to class. SHE LOVED CHURCH!! After the sacrament meeting, the relief society got up to sing a postludio and noemi stood up with them. She couldn´t end the song because she was crying. Afterwards the bishop pulled her aside and was talking with her in his office. After about a half an hour, we had the cahnce to talk to her and she told us that she had never felt the way she was feeling. So we taught her about the spirit and she told us that she finally felt like she had found the true church. And she was hopiung that we could help her daughter find it as well.

Today we have a lesson with them and I hope it goes pretty good. we are planning on inviting her to be baptized!

this week, Yamila also came to chruch and she told us that her parents are ok with it if she gets baptized!!! so she is getting baptized this week!! :D

Really, I know that if we can put scriptures into practice, the Lord will bless us with wisdom... with experience... but most importantly with blessings.


I lov eyou all and I hope you are getting my pictures!

Elder Gray

Monday, March 4, 2013

18 Months: Pictures

Letter #80 18 Months!!! Crazy crazy!

This week has been pretty awesome!! We have had a bunch of miracles here in our areas. Here in Alta Gracia/Crucero, we had 2 baptisms of two girls. Micaela Perez (11) and Marienella Dominguez (9). They are awesome!!

Micaela got baptized on Saturday because her dad had to work on Sunday. There were a lot of people there that weren´t members and one o fhte cousins got really interested. So we´re going to send the referral to Córdoba to see what happens!

Marienella got baptized on Sunday by her dad who was coming back to church. He is awesome! I remember the first time I went to the house to visit him and we shared the scripture in Ether 12:12, and that it would be a miracle that he could baptize his daughter. He took it really good, put the batteries in, and now has a calling in the church as president of the gospel principles class. Definitely one of my favorite members here :D

this week Yamila went to church again! We´ve been having a hard time finding her to start teaching her so.... we ended up calling her and inviting to to all the activities that we have been having this week. She went to young womens, to the baptism, and to church all by herself. Its really nice because she lives 3 blocks formt eh church! :D

We have a lesson with her tomorrow and we´re going to invite her to be baptized! Hopefully we can talk to her parents about it as well. It should be a really good day.

Karissa Bosco Aka... Hermana Bosco, let me borrow her camera and its awesome!! Thank you!! I´ve been taking pictures a ton now! I wish i could send them.... But the computers here dont work that good... :P

I got the valentines package this week and I lvoed it!! Thanks for all the pictures.

But especially, thank you for all the suppor that I have at home. A missionary really doesn´t realize how many people are praying for them but they really do feel all of the prayers. I loveyou all!

Today we are goint o start helping out the ward here to do their visits as home teachers. Its going to be really fun! :D yeah yeah.

Well.... Nothing much else to report! Still working a FULL and trying to become a disciple of Christ every day!

I love you all and I pray every night that you are all ok!

Elder Gray :D