Monday, March 25, 2013

Transfers!! Acts 5:15

This week has been pretty good. We had transfers and I was sent to a different area.

I am now outside of Cordoba!!! Im in La Rioja. And its even cooler because Im in the capital of the province so it feels just like im in Cordoba. ahah

And the other elders left me a good suprise. We have a baptism this week! And we also have a baptism next week! and another one the week after! and were going to complete a family the week after!.... lots of blessings

Thanks Elder Diamond!!

My new comp is named Elder Drew Hill. He is from Ogden and he has.... 21 months in the mission. So it will be a nice transfer because I have a companion who already knows how to do the work and how to be a preach my gospel missionary. I really hope that we can see a lot of blessings in this transfer and that we can help all the people in La Rioja to know what the gospel is all about.

Im soooo pumped for General conference!! I seriously can not wait for one more moment. This week i ahve been reading a lot about the apostles and the work that they did in Acts. I really liked a scripture in Acts 5:15 that talks about Peter.... Read it!..... He had so much spiritual power that the people tried to be in his shadow to try to receive a blessing. Thats how I feel when I am running into the chapel to sit down and watch General Conference. I want to be blessed by the words taht they say and hopefully they can cast their shadow down upon me so that I can be healed.

In Alta Gracia I ended up not baptizing the Flia Farfan.... They found all of the papers that said when they had been baptized and such. So thats good. At the end of the night I went to visit them to say goodbye to the family and it was awesome because they ended up giving me a bunch of stuff and more importantly they gave thanks for the work that I did with their family. Brisa, one of the teenage girls, gave thanks and said "thank you for bringing me back into the gospel." She is awesome. Valentina also gave me a big huge hug before I left :D

On sunday we had a whole nation stake conferecne where we watched a broadcast from president Nelson and a couple other of people. It was really really good. He talked about Salvation and Exhaltation and how Salvation is Personal and Exaltation is for the family. and that the both are necessary.

I hope to put that into pナ病ctice here with my investigators.

I cant wait to see what lies ahead of me in this transfer in La Rioja. I have heard great things about it and im hoping to see the blessings of sacrifice and obedience.

Ive been taking a ton of fotos.... Hopefully I can find a better computer next time so that I can end up sending you guys the fotos of the families in Alta Gracia, and the sights here in La Rioja.


but im really hungry so im going to go to a kiosco and buy some shtuff :D

Love you all! Be safe!!

Elder Gray

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