Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 2 in Rioja!! I'm loving it but it's really HOT!!!

This week was just amazing!! çLots of stuff is happening here in La Rioja and its hard to keep everything under control!

We ended up having a baptism this week. Her name is Sara Rodriguez. IT was way cool because she told us that she just wanted to get baptised ASAP. We tuaght her everything really quick. She CHANGED A TON!!! and she got baptized. :D SO.... to celebrate a little, elder hill and I went to the golf course to play a couple of holes. Did I play well?? Lets just say I didn´t lose any balls ;D And I parred the last hole. hahah I am a little rusty.

But dad, I learned how to not slice it!! :D WOOHOO!

We also have been finding a lot of new people. We found a family calle dhte Herrera family and they are way legit!! We went up to the house, knocked on it, then started takling to them for about 10 minutes trying to get to know them at the door and then the mom of the family asked us the difference between the catholic church and ours. So, we explain the difference in the baptisms and she accepted it. She told us that she knows that the things we teach are true already and she wants us to teach the family. :D YEAH YEAH!

So we went by this morning to visit them and they were headed out to have a family vacation. She forgot that today is a Holiday and so she couldn´t tell us not to come by becaue they were leaving.

We are also teaching a 22 year old girl from Brasil... who speaks a little bit of spanish. Good thing I learned a little bit from Elder RAmos and Elder Cogo! But yeah, she should be getting baptized this week if she can talk to her dad about it. She just wants to feel accepted by her family if she makes this decision. So we invited her to a FHE at the church that there is topday and we´re going to pass by her house tonight to see what she says!

ALso, we are teaching the Tula family. Well, basically we are activating tyhe dad and teaching the mom. Her name is Monica. They are a way cool family. They´ve been reading the book of mormon every day and they read about 10 pages together.

So yeah! Thats about all thats been going on this week! We´re goign to be passing by a lot by these three families and so we´re going to have our hands full this week!

I also talked with 2 guys from chicago like and hour ago.... so we´ll be teaching them pretty soon :D


Love you all,

Elder Gray

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