Monday, April 29, 2013

Matthew 18:22 Seventy times Seven

Thiss week was pretty good. the first half of it was spent out of my area.... sunday night i received a call just before church started that was from the zone leaders... they asked me if my comp and i could go to chilecito with them to help them out a little bit. and we had to leave just after sacrament meeting (we have church at night). so yeah, we spent monday through wednesday in chilecito helping out the other elders.

 I had a blast!

we went to this place called teh river of two colors... it was pretty cool. there is a orange and a blue river. the orange one comes froma  gold mine and so that is why the river is orange.... the blue one is just blue... id ont know if it comes from a special place.

but after we got back to la rioja we had a LOT of work to do. all of the people we ended up having in chruch had not been visited by anyone so we ended up spending a lot of time with them. all of them said that they were going to go to church!

we also stopped by this famliy that we found my first week here calle dthe herrera family. and we finally got to talk tot he mom again!!! it was a way spiritual lesson. we taught why there are so many reliigions nowadays and we taught her the restoration and at the end of the lesson, just after we shared th e joseph smith storya nd the firt vision she stopped and asked me. "how do you know that all of this is true?"... no one has ever stopped, pondered, and then asked me that question in the first visit after the first vision... usualyy it takes them a bit to understand the importance of all of it and then they ask that. she is chosen!!! we told her she needs to pray and then we asked her if she would get baptized and she said yeah!

but.... no one showed up at church... bummer... we´ll just have to start leaving them with stronger compromisos.

this week we have transfers!!! im kinda scraed to see what is going to happen....

sorry, the owner here is closing down the store and so i have to go1!!

Love you all!!

Elder Gray

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