Monday, April 15, 2013

Belief is a precious word

This week was incredible... Just like the rest.
We ended up having a baptismal service! Monica finally got baptized. We had been waiting for the papers of Ricardo to come over from Catamarca and we finally got the green light from the bishop and so we ended up having a sweet baptism with about 30 people. A lot of investigators came as well. We had Agostina, Melina, and Eliana... All of them are going to be baptize din the next couple of weeks.

Agostina is doing really well. She is soooo cute! She came to the baptism and she ended up coming to church. She also told me that she wants me to baptized her! What an honor. She should be getting baptize dthe 27th. Yohana couldn't go to church for some family problems... we will have to take care of that.

Eliana and Melina couldnt come to church because they went to visit Eliana's mom. But they are way pumped! Melina is 9 and is the daughter of Eliana. Eliana is reading the book of mormon a ton! She said that if she finds out the book of mormon is true, she will get baptized instantly... so yeah... I'm going to be trusting the promise in Moroni 10.

Jessica didn't end up coming to church yesterday because she was in Catamarca with her friends visiting some other people who came to visit them.... or something like that. But she is still having a little trouble accepting that this is the ONLY true church. We told her about the importance of the Book of Mormon. She knows that book is true and she knows JS was a prophet... so now we have to find out what the real doubt is.

We ended up eating a cow head this week..... it was pretty grosss to tell you the truth... but it ended up being really seasoned so it was pretty good. I ate the tongue, the cheek, the brain, and the eyeball.... The brain was probably the most disgusting. I LOVE THE TONGUE!!! it was soooo good.

We also did some visits witht he home teachers. Tehy invited us along so that we could visit more people and that we could find some part member familys to go and visit. We ended up finding 2 or 3 people that we are going to start teaching.

I just wanted to end this letter by telling you all how much I love you. Thank your so much for all the support you have given me. I love this gospel. I believe and know that it is true. Be strong.

Remember, that anyone can make a covenant, but only the valiant with keep them!

D&C 76:79

79 These are they who are not valiant in the testimony of Jesus; wherefore, they obtain not the crown over the kingdom of our God.
Lots of love,

Elder Gray

PS.... Happy birthday Marci!

Monica's baptism.

Photo of the other elder's baptism; her name is Angelica

"Cabeza Guateada" -it's cooked cow head. . . yummy!!

Eye of the cow... delicious

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