Monday, April 22, 2013

What's Up?

Wow.... This week was awesomee!! We had a lot of miracles happen here in La Rioja.

One was that we had 2 unexpected baptisms!! Sofia and Agostina got baptized!

Sofia is the daughter of a member here in La Rioja that has always listened to the missionaries and then I got there and I was just like, "hey sofia, why haven´t you ever been baptized....?" she told me her story and said basically that she never felt it. I said, "ok. pray about it and we´ll baptize you on the 20th".... so she did and she got baptized... hha

Agostina is the daughter of Sara, the recent convert that i baptized the first week i got here. we´ve been teachign her a little bit and she was going to get baptized this next week but we just asked her if she wasnted to be batpized with Sofia and she said ok! so yeah... We had two baptisms

This week we are still working with Jessica.... hopefuly she can get in the water this week....

We also had 4 new people come to church yesterday. A family of 4, with two kids that can get baptized and another daughter of a member that we have been teaching for a while. So we´ll be teaching a lot more now than we have ever in La Rioja. Which is legit!! We almost hit 40 lessons this last week. And the members are going crazy to help us. We had 19 lessons with a member present.

Today I am in a pueblo called Chilecito. I came here with thte zone leaders to help out the elders and to find some peopel that they can teach. We went to this cool river today called the river of two colors..... The river starts out orange and blue and then they connect and its super legit. Hopefully i can sne dyou a cool picture.

So yeah. This week has been really really full of blessings!! I lov eyou all and I hope you have a great week!!

Elder Gray

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