Thursday, October 27, 2011

Letter #9

Hi Mom and Dad, and rest of the family.... and friends.... and others that i fail to mention....
Shayla is going to Germany!?!? Which part!? I am so jealous. when does she enter? Im glad that she is going to germany or else all that hard study time during german with me would not have payed off.  Yes, they did give me a Hep shot.... No need to worry mom. Im taken care of :).  Actually, My district presidency's second councilor's wife shared her testimony of how greatful she was to have her sons go on missions.  I shared my testimony previously about how i was greatful that my parents were always watching out for me and how my mom and dad would always say bye before I left for work or school in the morning.  she got up and said that she used to always worry about her kids hanging out with the wrong people, or where they were going, what they were up to.  Then she said that she had to drop her sons off at the MTC, and she said when she dropped them off, she had a great sense of relief.  She didn't have to worry about who they were with, where they were going, or what they were up to because the lord was with them.
That was one cool thingthat happened this week.
three cool things this week:
1. that testimony
2. I saw Danaya!! on the internet.... haha I guess she's some part-time actress in one of the Mormon Messages. Its on the youth website link for and she's in the one that bednar is speaking about technology. I saw it and i started freaking out! i was like, "I know that girl!!!" everyone around me starting givign me a weird look.... but i guess i should be used to those... so whatev
3. I read about christlike attributes this week. Then at the end of the chapter, it has a attribute quiz thing.... so i took it and found out that I am NOWHERE near christ. haha. for example, My patience is horrible.... But then it says to read about christ and read through pmg and the scriptures to find out how you can better yourself with the charachteristics that you are suffereing at. So i did just that. It will be a SLOW process... but I am excited to see how much more patient i have beomce in the next couple of weeks.
4..... I had a forth one... pre story: when Hermano Richards was dating his wife, he would always leave her little notes in her car, just saying random stuff about how much he loved her or how much he appreciated her. ok story: haha My teacher hermano richards made us teach our fellow missionaries as themselves. so we only have 7 people in our district. So i had the chance to teach him as himself.  So i started teaching him and i found out about some of his worries and some of his stresses in life. then I taught him about chrsit and some example from his life and then it somehow led to the restoration. It was a good lesson. but then, i had them impression to pull out one of my mini-notebooks and give it to him and tell him to write his wife some notes about how much he loved her and how much he appreciated her when he got home.  So..... Before this lesson, I was at the bookstore, thinking to myself, what do i need?? I didn't think of anything, so i was about to head out of the door of the bookstore when i got the strongest impression to go buy another mini note book. So i did just that. So..... A week after this lesson I followed up on his committments that he did, and he said that he did the note-giving one the night that he got that committment. He said that he left her a note on the table talking about how much he loved her and cared about her.  Then he said he received a text that night from his wife that said that she read the note and she was crying so much when she was reading it.
Yo se que el Espiritu trabaje in maneras differentas y maneras marivillosas. El espiritu puede nos conta hacer muchas cosas que no hacer sense... pero, si nosotros actuaramos de nuestros promptings, podemos ayudar personas in maneras differentes que no pensamos. El Espiritu Santo es muy fortaleza y muy consolando. Digo estas cosas en el nombre de Jesucristo amen.
Los Amo!!!
Ill talk to you guys in argentina next week!! :)

Letter #8

Guess what!?!?!?......................................(me giving you time to think)................................................................................................
I got my travel plans! I'm headed to Argentina! I leave November 3rd at 8 am! My flight leaves at 11:10 am (flight 1972) headed to Atlanta GA. I get there at about 4:50pm (GA time). My district Pres said that I can call you! So Mom, Thursday, Nov. 3, at about 2:30ish-3:30ish, stop your life completely and wait to answer your cell phone. You better Pick Up! The Pres said I can talk for as long as I want with you guys. . . And I have a 3 hour lay-over until I leave at 7:50pm from Atlanta, GA, on my 13 hour flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina on flight 101. So I need 2 things:
1. To get a call card from you guys.... The elders said you can get them at the store and they look like gift cards. I guess they pay by the minute or something. So just get one for as long as you want to talk to me! -up to 3 hours.
2. Promise you'll pick up!
Oh.... and a third to Dad: I won't get bald on my mission because of a promise I found in DC9:12-14. (: Yeah Buddy. And you have the same promise too!
Elder Gris
P.s. these flights are Delta.... so good seats!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Letter #7

Hello everyone!
Here are some things that have happened this week: Jose's baptism is on saturday, and Ellie is coming to it! Ellie wants to see how it is actually performed and now we can teach her more about it when we are done. Happy Late Birthday Cassie!! I will try to get you a nice mtc shirt,.... but there is a lot of choices. ill pick one that i think you'll like.
It's always nice to hear your sister enjoying seminary. Seminary was the biggest blessing in my high school life. I LOVED IT! cassie, you should tell all the teachers i say hello!
We've had a couple of things happen this week that were pretty funny.  During one lesson this week, I was trying to tell the story of Joseph Smith and how he wanted to know the truth, and so he studied it out in the Bible. But when I was supposed to tell him he read, "Santiago 1:5" (santiago is james in spanish), I told him to read James 1:5 (with the best spanish accent i could)..... yeah, he looked at me and said, "James?" hahah it was awesome.....
Another thing that happened was when we were talking with Ellie. She lives with her boyfriend and so we're trying to tell her that she needs to get married or sepereated to get baptized.  So she said that they have the certificate, they just need to get to the court.  So elder sands said, "Tocare Moses y usted ahora!" which means I will touch you and Moses Right Now! She then gave him the weirdest look and then started to laugh, while i was looking at him with a puzzled face.... then he realized his mistake and resaid his sentence. it was awesome!
elder Scott caem and talked to us this tuesday! It was awesome to hear from him. he spoke to us about the spirit and how to recognize it, use it, and live by it.  He also told us to keep a Elder _______'s Book of Revelation with us so whenver we have the spirit guide us, we can right down our inspirations so we don't forget. But REALLY COOL STORY! Elder Bate and I get to go together because elder sands and elder lindsley like to be in the choir. so we don't and so we just do a split.  so elder bate and i go to the devotional and we're sitting on probably the 8 or 9th row (behind the senior missionaries). then there were two seats that didn't fill up on the front row, right next to where the people who are speaking walk in. so i asked the usher if those seats were taken and he said that they weren't.......We sprinted as fast as we could to get to those seats! I think elder bate might have pushed a kid over (joke). but yes, there we were, on the front row, right next to where Elder Scott walked in.  and something else really cool.  After his talk, he beared his testimony and while he was bearing it, he stopped for about 10 seconds, looked down at me, and said, "I love you".... then he sat there for 10ish more seconds and continued bearing his testimony.
Im so excited for you tiff! I can't wait to hear the great experiences you have had in the temple!! Just remember that you can go more than once so dont kill your brain in there. haha :D
Yo se que los apostoles nos aman.  Yo se que guardan los mandamientos de Dios y que oran sobre los miembros todos los dias.  La iglesia de jesucristo de los santo de los ultimos dias es verdadera. Yo lo se. Jesucristo es nuestro salvador y nuestro hermano. nos ama muy mucho. sin la expiacion, no podemos volver con a Dios. Digo estas cosas en el nombre de Jesucristo amen. 
Elder Gris :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Letter #6

Hola mi familia y mis amigos y algunas personas!
Como estan? como fue sus semanas?
The mtc isstillgood.(sorry, the space bar isn't working well) i see elder rasmussen a lot and i have only taken 3 pictures with himbecfause i never have my camera on me!! :P but yeah, i see him a lot and he tells me stories of what happened before he left. its always nice to see him here becuase it reminds me of how great of friends i've had and im so greatful for the influence they have had on me. I thought it was cool how my mom never cared which one of my freinds i was hanging out with because she trusted my friends so much.
Mom, its always nice to hear from the most important woman in my life. I wish i could get on the computer an hour before i usually do so i can instant message you. haha Your dear elder was amazing! it was so funny to hear the story of the party because i could picture your voice when you said, "sunday, wow....." haha then to hear about how dad is usually being dad, telling you the wrong dates and such, it made me laugh and then my district gave me a funny look and i had to explain 19 years of your relationship with wrong dates. haha it was awesome.  im glad the ward parties are still flowing and the ward is doing good. i wish i coul've came to the ward campout!! i was so excited to go to it but then they changed the date..... :P
Espanol is iendo poco a poco. aprendiamos sobre preterito y imperfecto y otros grammatica cosas. MUCHAS COSAS. pienso que mi cabeza iendo to explode!! pero, esta bien. TRC is one of my favorite times here at the MTc. TRC is when we get together with members and kinda give them a home teaching lesson to lighten up their lives. its fun because they are so amazingly quick at spanish and its humbling to see how much more i have to go... and i can look back to 5 weeks ago and see how far i ahve come.
So.... spiritual time, i guess.. haah. lately ive been reading with one of my investigators, jose. he wants to read the whole bom before he gets baptized next saturday. i was like, "sweet! sounds like a good idea." so we're in Jacob right now and I LOVE IT! I LOVE JACOB. i am so impressed at how humble his words are and how amazing his words are.  he reminds me of Elder holland and the style he has when he speaks. He speaks harshly, but is a nice way. i love it.  For example, in the beginning of Jacob 2 it says, " and ye yourselves know that i have hitherto been diligent in the office of my calling; but i this day am weighed down with much more desire and anxiety for the welfare of you souls than i have hitherto been.....; but behold, hearken ye unto me, and know that by the help of the allpowerful creator of heaven and earth i can tell you converning your thoughts, how that ye are beginning to labor in sin, which sin appeareth very abominable unto God. yea it grieveth my soul and causeth me to shrink with shame before the presence of my makedr, that i must testify unto you conecerning the wickedness of your hearts.".... such brutal honesty, i love it. it really reminds me of elder hollands talk during priesthood (if you haven't seen it yet, please watch it) when he says that he is sorry that he has to be so harsh but it is the only way to get it through our heads sometimes.  I love how jacob is so kind and caring and thoughtful about the women. somewhere (can't find it right now) he talks about how you need to be thoughtful and loving to the women in our lives. nevermind its at the end of Jacob 2
And then, just like elder holland always has, jacob gives a great one liner in jacob 6:12 "o be wise; what can i say more?"  I am s greatful that jacob was born in the wilderness, and never had the great prosperous life that his other borthers had in jerusalem.  because of this poverty, and watching his brothers, laman and lemuel, grow to be pride ful in their riches of the world, this is probably why he counsels so much about being wactful of your pride and putting the lord first. (jacob 2:18-19)
Estoy muy agredecido por las scrituras. yo se que estan aqui para nosotros y para nuestro benefit.  yo se que si lee en las scrituras diariamente, puede recibir muchas revaliciones de nuestro padre celestial.
other things: sister beck came to speak t us about the blessings of the temple!!! so good. and elder bate has put me on this new workout plan and i can already see my six pack coming in :) boom. so mom, i know how you feel. ahah i hate pushups. uh..... if you could send me some sandals that would be great!!
I hope everyone is doing well! I wish i could give you all an abrazo ahora! Se amo Muy Mucho!!
Nos Vemos,
Elder Gris

Thursday, October 6, 2011


These are pictures Collin sent us from the MTC. The captions below the pictures are what Collin had written on the back of the photo. 

Provo Temple

In front of the temple
Hey! Everybody! Come see how good I look! -Zane would understand

Elder Sands and I, First Day
We did this for funniness . . . We aren't gay, I swear.

Sam H. Smith statue

Relt wanted to try on the legendary boot

The tree smells like cream soda!

My study desk

Me and Elder Parker Dennis. Basically a BYU roomate
The Boot

Standard of Truth

I thought it was cool
Top: Me, Sands, Bowman, Potrie, Adair, Tourtallot, Bate, Lindsley  Bottom: Jaruis, Relt, Pickett    District 44A


Me, Sands, Relt re-enacting the T-shirts

I get special privileges because of my boot. 

Our Classroom

Elder Sands studying. . . me goofing off!
I was really hungry that day.

Letter #5

Mom!! ( and everyone else )
I can't believe you said i looked gay in that picture i sent you.... you know that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and since you married dad, he can't be gay, so therefore, i can't be gay either. and yes, i did know exactly what you would say about that picture ahah.
Im sorry to hear about your shoulder mom :(. ill keep you in my prayers like always, but thank you for letting me be aware of it.  I miss salsa... the salsa they have here is so gross.  and the beef that they have ehere isn't any better. (hopefully its amazing in argentina)
Wow.... one month gone already. i can't believe it. only 23 months left to go then ill be seeing you in the SLC airport remeniscing about the good times i had in argentina.  The main thing i've learned this month is that there is many miracles that can happen through being obedient. i am grateful that my district is so obedeient and wakes up on time. if it were up to me, as my mom knows, id sleep forever!!  i konw that obedience brings blessings, but that exact obedience brings miracles!!
I loved conference!  the way we did it is just like any devotional.  all the elders y hermanas pack into the gym and sit and listen for 2 hours. then we go to lunch, and come back for another 2 hours. then go to dinner, then go to priesthood in the gym while the hermanas go to the relief society session in a smaller room.
Its kinda cool to think that the next time ill be listening to the prophet of God is in Argentina!!!! :)
my thoughts about coneference:  How amazing is it that we get to hear the words of our prophets and apostles. we are so blessed.  My favorite talks were: Elder scott's about receiving revelation through the scriptures and how the scriptures can bless our lives. i also liked how he mentioned Cordoba.... i thought that was cool :)  I loved hearing about the new temples taht were going to be beuilt. PROVO!!! another temple in provo!! i can't believe it.  I also loved elder holland's talk on missionary work! i love how abrupt and straitforward he is.  sometimes it really is the only way to get it through our heads. and i also liked pres monson's talk about being morally clean. also i liked pres eyering's talk about us all "having the same charge". Sister dalton's talk was also inspiring and i can't wait to have a family of my own after my missiion.
We had chad lewis come give a devotional to us. it was really good!!  he said to let you light shine!! everyone has a light and everyone should share it.
other than that ive just been diong the same thing here at the mtc.
OH!! i saw elder rasmussen yesterday!! :) he looks good. haha im so glad that i have the influence of good friends who all want to serve missions. i miss being able to talk to them about anything i want and anything at all.
Our investigator jose really wanted to be baptised but he was afraid of what his father (Catholic Priest) and his family would think. his familiy is deep into the cahtolic religion and its more of a tradition now than a faith.  We shared with him the story of nephi and how he was scared to go and get the plates from laban.  we shared nephi 3:5-7 and told him that the lord would always give him a way and that he should not be afraid.  long story short he committed to baptism that lesson.  I hope this success continues when i got to argentina.
thank you so much for your letters of encouragement and your packages! the packages are delicious :) and my district thinks so too.
Only less than one month left until im at the airport calling home to say hi and that im about to leave! i can't wait to hear your voices. ( i think we get to call you )( and i think we get to call you from argentina.)
All is well here!
well im hungry and lunch starts in 6 minutes!! so Adios! Nos vemos!
yo se que mi salvador es Jesucristo. y yo se que puedo ser tambien el si yo suigo los mandamientos que Dios ha envio al la tierra!