Thursday, October 20, 2011

Letter #7

Hello everyone!
Here are some things that have happened this week: Jose's baptism is on saturday, and Ellie is coming to it! Ellie wants to see how it is actually performed and now we can teach her more about it when we are done. Happy Late Birthday Cassie!! I will try to get you a nice mtc shirt,.... but there is a lot of choices. ill pick one that i think you'll like.
It's always nice to hear your sister enjoying seminary. Seminary was the biggest blessing in my high school life. I LOVED IT! cassie, you should tell all the teachers i say hello!
We've had a couple of things happen this week that were pretty funny.  During one lesson this week, I was trying to tell the story of Joseph Smith and how he wanted to know the truth, and so he studied it out in the Bible. But when I was supposed to tell him he read, "Santiago 1:5" (santiago is james in spanish), I told him to read James 1:5 (with the best spanish accent i could)..... yeah, he looked at me and said, "James?" hahah it was awesome.....
Another thing that happened was when we were talking with Ellie. She lives with her boyfriend and so we're trying to tell her that she needs to get married or sepereated to get baptized.  So she said that they have the certificate, they just need to get to the court.  So elder sands said, "Tocare Moses y usted ahora!" which means I will touch you and Moses Right Now! She then gave him the weirdest look and then started to laugh, while i was looking at him with a puzzled face.... then he realized his mistake and resaid his sentence. it was awesome!
elder Scott caem and talked to us this tuesday! It was awesome to hear from him. he spoke to us about the spirit and how to recognize it, use it, and live by it.  He also told us to keep a Elder _______'s Book of Revelation with us so whenver we have the spirit guide us, we can right down our inspirations so we don't forget. But REALLY COOL STORY! Elder Bate and I get to go together because elder sands and elder lindsley like to be in the choir. so we don't and so we just do a split.  so elder bate and i go to the devotional and we're sitting on probably the 8 or 9th row (behind the senior missionaries). then there were two seats that didn't fill up on the front row, right next to where the people who are speaking walk in. so i asked the usher if those seats were taken and he said that they weren't.......We sprinted as fast as we could to get to those seats! I think elder bate might have pushed a kid over (joke). but yes, there we were, on the front row, right next to where Elder Scott walked in.  and something else really cool.  After his talk, he beared his testimony and while he was bearing it, he stopped for about 10 seconds, looked down at me, and said, "I love you".... then he sat there for 10ish more seconds and continued bearing his testimony.
Im so excited for you tiff! I can't wait to hear the great experiences you have had in the temple!! Just remember that you can go more than once so dont kill your brain in there. haha :D
Yo se que los apostoles nos aman.  Yo se que guardan los mandamientos de Dios y que oran sobre los miembros todos los dias.  La iglesia de jesucristo de los santo de los ultimos dias es verdadera. Yo lo se. Jesucristo es nuestro salvador y nuestro hermano. nos ama muy mucho. sin la expiacion, no podemos volver con a Dios. Digo estas cosas en el nombre de Jesucristo amen. 
Elder Gris :)

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