Thursday, October 6, 2011

Letter #5

Mom!! ( and everyone else )
I can't believe you said i looked gay in that picture i sent you.... you know that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and since you married dad, he can't be gay, so therefore, i can't be gay either. and yes, i did know exactly what you would say about that picture ahah.
Im sorry to hear about your shoulder mom :(. ill keep you in my prayers like always, but thank you for letting me be aware of it.  I miss salsa... the salsa they have here is so gross.  and the beef that they have ehere isn't any better. (hopefully its amazing in argentina)
Wow.... one month gone already. i can't believe it. only 23 months left to go then ill be seeing you in the SLC airport remeniscing about the good times i had in argentina.  The main thing i've learned this month is that there is many miracles that can happen through being obedient. i am grateful that my district is so obedeient and wakes up on time. if it were up to me, as my mom knows, id sleep forever!!  i konw that obedience brings blessings, but that exact obedience brings miracles!!
I loved conference!  the way we did it is just like any devotional.  all the elders y hermanas pack into the gym and sit and listen for 2 hours. then we go to lunch, and come back for another 2 hours. then go to dinner, then go to priesthood in the gym while the hermanas go to the relief society session in a smaller room.
Its kinda cool to think that the next time ill be listening to the prophet of God is in Argentina!!!! :)
my thoughts about coneference:  How amazing is it that we get to hear the words of our prophets and apostles. we are so blessed.  My favorite talks were: Elder scott's about receiving revelation through the scriptures and how the scriptures can bless our lives. i also liked how he mentioned Cordoba.... i thought that was cool :)  I loved hearing about the new temples taht were going to be beuilt. PROVO!!! another temple in provo!! i can't believe it.  I also loved elder holland's talk on missionary work! i love how abrupt and straitforward he is.  sometimes it really is the only way to get it through our heads. and i also liked pres monson's talk about being morally clean. also i liked pres eyering's talk about us all "having the same charge". Sister dalton's talk was also inspiring and i can't wait to have a family of my own after my missiion.
We had chad lewis come give a devotional to us. it was really good!!  he said to let you light shine!! everyone has a light and everyone should share it.
other than that ive just been diong the same thing here at the mtc.
OH!! i saw elder rasmussen yesterday!! :) he looks good. haha im so glad that i have the influence of good friends who all want to serve missions. i miss being able to talk to them about anything i want and anything at all.
Our investigator jose really wanted to be baptised but he was afraid of what his father (Catholic Priest) and his family would think. his familiy is deep into the cahtolic religion and its more of a tradition now than a faith.  We shared with him the story of nephi and how he was scared to go and get the plates from laban.  we shared nephi 3:5-7 and told him that the lord would always give him a way and that he should not be afraid.  long story short he committed to baptism that lesson.  I hope this success continues when i got to argentina.
thank you so much for your letters of encouragement and your packages! the packages are delicious :) and my district thinks so too.
Only less than one month left until im at the airport calling home to say hi and that im about to leave! i can't wait to hear your voices. ( i think we get to call you )( and i think we get to call you from argentina.)
All is well here!
well im hungry and lunch starts in 6 minutes!! so Adios! Nos vemos!
yo se que mi salvador es Jesucristo. y yo se que puedo ser tambien el si yo suigo los mandamientos que Dios ha envio al la tierra!

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