Thursday, October 6, 2011


These are pictures Collin sent us from the MTC. The captions below the pictures are what Collin had written on the back of the photo. 

Provo Temple

In front of the temple
Hey! Everybody! Come see how good I look! -Zane would understand

Elder Sands and I, First Day
We did this for funniness . . . We aren't gay, I swear.

Sam H. Smith statue

Relt wanted to try on the legendary boot

The tree smells like cream soda!

My study desk

Me and Elder Parker Dennis. Basically a BYU roomate
The Boot

Standard of Truth

I thought it was cool
Top: Me, Sands, Bowman, Potrie, Adair, Tourtallot, Bate, Lindsley  Bottom: Jaruis, Relt, Pickett    District 44A


Me, Sands, Relt re-enacting the T-shirts

I get special privileges because of my boot. 

Our Classroom

Elder Sands studying. . . me goofing off!
I was really hungry that day.

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