Thursday, October 13, 2011

Letter #6

Hola mi familia y mis amigos y algunas personas!
Como estan? como fue sus semanas?
The mtc isstillgood.(sorry, the space bar isn't working well) i see elder rasmussen a lot and i have only taken 3 pictures with himbecfause i never have my camera on me!! :P but yeah, i see him a lot and he tells me stories of what happened before he left. its always nice to see him here becuase it reminds me of how great of friends i've had and im so greatful for the influence they have had on me. I thought it was cool how my mom never cared which one of my freinds i was hanging out with because she trusted my friends so much.
Mom, its always nice to hear from the most important woman in my life. I wish i could get on the computer an hour before i usually do so i can instant message you. haha Your dear elder was amazing! it was so funny to hear the story of the party because i could picture your voice when you said, "sunday, wow....." haha then to hear about how dad is usually being dad, telling you the wrong dates and such, it made me laugh and then my district gave me a funny look and i had to explain 19 years of your relationship with wrong dates. haha it was awesome.  im glad the ward parties are still flowing and the ward is doing good. i wish i coul've came to the ward campout!! i was so excited to go to it but then they changed the date..... :P
Espanol is iendo poco a poco. aprendiamos sobre preterito y imperfecto y otros grammatica cosas. MUCHAS COSAS. pienso que mi cabeza iendo to explode!! pero, esta bien. TRC is one of my favorite times here at the MTc. TRC is when we get together with members and kinda give them a home teaching lesson to lighten up their lives. its fun because they are so amazingly quick at spanish and its humbling to see how much more i have to go... and i can look back to 5 weeks ago and see how far i ahve come.
So.... spiritual time, i guess.. haah. lately ive been reading with one of my investigators, jose. he wants to read the whole bom before he gets baptized next saturday. i was like, "sweet! sounds like a good idea." so we're in Jacob right now and I LOVE IT! I LOVE JACOB. i am so impressed at how humble his words are and how amazing his words are.  he reminds me of Elder holland and the style he has when he speaks. He speaks harshly, but is a nice way. i love it.  For example, in the beginning of Jacob 2 it says, " and ye yourselves know that i have hitherto been diligent in the office of my calling; but i this day am weighed down with much more desire and anxiety for the welfare of you souls than i have hitherto been.....; but behold, hearken ye unto me, and know that by the help of the allpowerful creator of heaven and earth i can tell you converning your thoughts, how that ye are beginning to labor in sin, which sin appeareth very abominable unto God. yea it grieveth my soul and causeth me to shrink with shame before the presence of my makedr, that i must testify unto you conecerning the wickedness of your hearts.".... such brutal honesty, i love it. it really reminds me of elder hollands talk during priesthood (if you haven't seen it yet, please watch it) when he says that he is sorry that he has to be so harsh but it is the only way to get it through our heads sometimes.  I love how jacob is so kind and caring and thoughtful about the women. somewhere (can't find it right now) he talks about how you need to be thoughtful and loving to the women in our lives. nevermind its at the end of Jacob 2
And then, just like elder holland always has, jacob gives a great one liner in jacob 6:12 "o be wise; what can i say more?"  I am s greatful that jacob was born in the wilderness, and never had the great prosperous life that his other borthers had in jerusalem.  because of this poverty, and watching his brothers, laman and lemuel, grow to be pride ful in their riches of the world, this is probably why he counsels so much about being wactful of your pride and putting the lord first. (jacob 2:18-19)
Estoy muy agredecido por las scrituras. yo se que estan aqui para nosotros y para nuestro benefit.  yo se que si lee en las scrituras diariamente, puede recibir muchas revaliciones de nuestro padre celestial.
other things: sister beck came to speak t us about the blessings of the temple!!! so good. and elder bate has put me on this new workout plan and i can already see my six pack coming in :) boom. so mom, i know how you feel. ahah i hate pushups. uh..... if you could send me some sandals that would be great!!
I hope everyone is doing well! I wish i could give you all an abrazo ahora! Se amo Muy Mucho!!
Nos Vemos,
Elder Gris

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