Thursday, October 27, 2011

Letter #9

Hi Mom and Dad, and rest of the family.... and friends.... and others that i fail to mention....
Shayla is going to Germany!?!? Which part!? I am so jealous. when does she enter? Im glad that she is going to germany or else all that hard study time during german with me would not have payed off.  Yes, they did give me a Hep shot.... No need to worry mom. Im taken care of :).  Actually, My district presidency's second councilor's wife shared her testimony of how greatful she was to have her sons go on missions.  I shared my testimony previously about how i was greatful that my parents were always watching out for me and how my mom and dad would always say bye before I left for work or school in the morning.  she got up and said that she used to always worry about her kids hanging out with the wrong people, or where they were going, what they were up to.  Then she said that she had to drop her sons off at the MTC, and she said when she dropped them off, she had a great sense of relief.  She didn't have to worry about who they were with, where they were going, or what they were up to because the lord was with them.
That was one cool thingthat happened this week.
three cool things this week:
1. that testimony
2. I saw Danaya!! on the internet.... haha I guess she's some part-time actress in one of the Mormon Messages. Its on the youth website link for and she's in the one that bednar is speaking about technology. I saw it and i started freaking out! i was like, "I know that girl!!!" everyone around me starting givign me a weird look.... but i guess i should be used to those... so whatev
3. I read about christlike attributes this week. Then at the end of the chapter, it has a attribute quiz thing.... so i took it and found out that I am NOWHERE near christ. haha. for example, My patience is horrible.... But then it says to read about christ and read through pmg and the scriptures to find out how you can better yourself with the charachteristics that you are suffereing at. So i did just that. It will be a SLOW process... but I am excited to see how much more patient i have beomce in the next couple of weeks.
4..... I had a forth one... pre story: when Hermano Richards was dating his wife, he would always leave her little notes in her car, just saying random stuff about how much he loved her or how much he appreciated her. ok story: haha My teacher hermano richards made us teach our fellow missionaries as themselves. so we only have 7 people in our district. So i had the chance to teach him as himself.  So i started teaching him and i found out about some of his worries and some of his stresses in life. then I taught him about chrsit and some example from his life and then it somehow led to the restoration. It was a good lesson. but then, i had them impression to pull out one of my mini-notebooks and give it to him and tell him to write his wife some notes about how much he loved her and how much he appreciated her when he got home.  So..... Before this lesson, I was at the bookstore, thinking to myself, what do i need?? I didn't think of anything, so i was about to head out of the door of the bookstore when i got the strongest impression to go buy another mini note book. So i did just that. So..... A week after this lesson I followed up on his committments that he did, and he said that he did the note-giving one the night that he got that committment. He said that he left her a note on the table talking about how much he loved her and cared about her.  Then he said he received a text that night from his wife that said that she read the note and she was crying so much when she was reading it.
Yo se que el Espiritu trabaje in maneras differentas y maneras marivillosas. El espiritu puede nos conta hacer muchas cosas que no hacer sense... pero, si nosotros actuaramos de nuestros promptings, podemos ayudar personas in maneras differentes que no pensamos. El Espiritu Santo es muy fortaleza y muy consolando. Digo estas cosas en el nombre de Jesucristo amen.
Los Amo!!!
Ill talk to you guys in argentina next week!! :)

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