Monday, April 8, 2013

General Conference!!!

This week was way legit!! Lots of stuff happened.

Today we went to the Dique and chilled up there with the zone. It was way fun... We were literally above all of the eagles and stuff. I had the opportunity to give a devontioal about how to gain trust from God. I used Juan 15 as the scriptural basis.

This week was pretty cool. We ended up having 6 people in church and there are a lot of random baptisms coming our way. One hermana of the church just barely told us that her daughter was talking to the missionaries a long time ago but she never got baptized. But now she wants to talk to us again and she wants to get baptized.

We also found a couple of new families that want to hear from us. Hopefully we can help them get to church to feell the spirit that is there.

Monica didn´t end up getting baptized because we want her to be baptized by her husband. But in order for that to happen, he has to get interviewed by the bishop... who was out of town that week... so we are just waiting until he gets back so that she can be baptized!

Jessica is also waiting to be baptized and we are still working with her to see what we can do to help her feel the need.

Aimogasta, the other area in my district, ended up not baptizing either but they should have 2 or three baptisms this week. La Rioja is awesome!!

I only have 5 months left.... how crazy... thats only 5 fast sundays....

Well, I got to go!

My hour is up.

Love you, you´re all in my prayers!

Elder Gray

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