Monday, May 6, 2013


This week was another amazing week here in La Rioja Capital. We ended up having a LOT OF SUCCESS. As a zone, we baptized the most in all of the mission and my district baptized more than some of the other zones.... it actually kinda made me feel bad... it wasnt a good month for the mission with baptisms... its ok though! we are goign to baptized a ton this month!!

We had transfers! Elder hill and I have stayed the same. Basically all of the zone stayed the same except for some of the elders that had to go home. And one elder is training a newby.

This week we had 6 peoplein church. ELIANA AND MELINA CAME!! yeah yeah. por fin.

They were all dressed up and nice and we went to pick them up with a member. Eliana went to relief society and Melina went to primary... she started crying for a bit because there weren{t that many other girls there in primary but then halfway through a bunch of other people showed up as well. 4 kids taht we ended up inviting to churh during the week showed up and had a great time.

During the sacrament meeting, Melina was watching all of the people go up to share their testimonies and she leaned over and asked me if she could bear hers as well. So we went up together and I whispered in her ear what she had to say. She talked about baptism, her mom, and Jesus. it was so cute. She is so ready to get baptized on the 18th!! Her mom Eliana also is getting super prepared!

Aimogasta (other area in my district) also had a lot of people in church. They ended up having 3 new people in church. They almost had a baptism as well and they should be baptizing her this week ASAP.

Elder hill and i also had a cool little milagro that happened. We were walking in the street one day and just chatting amongst ourselves when all of a sudden some random lady comes running up yelling at us, " Elders Elders Elders! I have something I need to tell you!". It was a lady taht we had talked to a week ago. We talked about baptism, the church, and my comp gave her a PLan of Salvation folleto. She told us taht she took it... went home... and put it away...  then one day, she woke up, was feeling way bad because apparently her son that was a month old died from a collapse of his lungs. she was feeling way bad about that when she remembered that she had talked to us.... she went, and took out the folleto... and the first thing she opened up to was the Spirit World. she started reading and started crying as she read abou the peace that there is when a person dies. Then she asked us for another folleto and she promised us she is goign to go to church and any time we want to go by, she will be there for us.

So were goign to pass by this next week.... :D

well. we ended up killing in the Logros this week!! we were working a full!!

ended up with 19 lessons with member, 25 news, 16 other lessons, 12 references, and weboth talked to a ton of people.

I really hope that you can all see the little miracles taht happen each day! I lov eyou all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Gray

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