Monday, May 27, 2013

Elina, Melina, Flia Rodriguez, President Salas, and another talk. . .

So yeah, as you all can see from the title of the letter, im goign to be talking about a couple of different things.

This week Eliana and Melina were baptized and confirmed!! Legit!!! And Eliana is already goign to have a calling in the ward because she has an interview with the bishop on tuesday. :D

I had the opportunity to baptize Eliana and it was awesome!! She is probably one of my favorite people right now. She ended up reading to 2 nephi and she came to us telling us that she wanted to be baptized. it was such a cool conversion story. And Melina was baptized by Elder Hill.

The other area that is by us, La Quebrada, also baptized a cool kide named Miguel. He came to church and then said he wanted to be baptized right after... so yeah, he was definitely chosen.

We also found this legit family called the Rodriguez family.... There are... i think 9 people in the family and 3 of them came to church yesterday! :D On tuesday morning we were walking to pass by an inactive family. We were walking and I swear I heard someone say, "Hey look! the Mormons passed by! Dont talk to them" and Me, being my usual proud self said to myself, "Im going to go talk to them just to rub it in their face." So i ended up turning around and goign to knock on the door.... The door opened and it was Raquel. We presented our selves and I said, "Hi, we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known commonly as the mormons... do you know us?" she said that she had never heard of us... but she told us to come by after lunch and that her and all of her sisters would be willing to listen to us. So we passed by.

The first lesson was awesome!! we talked about why we are here on the earth and what we need to do to go back to the presence of God. We invited them to be baptized and they accepted :D. The next day we went back and talked more about baptism. thursday, we got to know the dad and he is super legit! He invited us back again.

so in all of the family there is: Jose 45, Raquel 23, Soledad 21, Melisa 17, Mariana 15, Rebeca 13, Valentine 7, and the twins 5..... We invited them all to church and Raquel, Melisa, and Mariana ended up coming.

They had a great time!! Mariana was asking my comp afterwards more about baptism and how we actually do it. They also got to know a lot of members and we planned 2 FHEs with them this week. So hopeuflly all goes well :D

We had our interviews with President Salas.... He has already been set apart as a 70 and he will be acting as a 70 in june.... im sure going to miss him. But he told us that we have a Mission Conference with all of hte mission this friday!!! :D Way legit! Elder Cook is going to be coming as well to give us some capacitation.

The bishop, sunday in the morning, called us and asked if i could give  a talk in sacrament meeting.... the third time in 2 months that ive had to do it... but I love doing it!! :D Hopefully when I get home ill still love it... im sure its a lot different in english than it is in spanish. but yeah, I talked about Pure love, Friendshipping, and Peter.... haha great combo.

Today we are going to go shopping so that my comp can buy some stuff for his family.

Ivana went to church as well but she is going out of town this weekend so she wont be able to be baptized. But we will have to see if we can baptize her before she leaves on vacation.

That is basically all that has happened this week! I love you all and I hope you are all doing well!

Be safe, read, pray, and go to church!

Elder Gray

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