Sunday, June 16, 2013

Elder Cook


This week was super awesome!!

We had the chance to see a living apostle here in Cordoba. He ended up coming on Friday and the whole mission was there to greet him.

I was actually really excited to see all of my mission friends that i havent seen sinc ethe beginning of my mission but after all the ruckess of taking pictures, greeting, etc. We all sat down and started to study. The best part of my entire mission until now was watching 170 missionaries stand uup in reverence as one of the 12 special witnesses of Christ walked in escorting his wife alongside....... Lets just say that I know the church is true.

He talked about a lot of things. He talked about faith, committments, helping others have faith, Helping others know that baptism is the right thing to do. etc.

I also got to shake his hand :D

His wife also talked, she spoke about the hymns and how the missionaries are good singers... then she made us stand up and sing for the next 10 minutes...

We also got to hear the last testimony of our mission president, president Salas... I sure am goin to miss him....

This week in church we has the flia rodriguez come to church again!! Raquel also sent us a cool text during the week saying that she praye dand she knows that the churh is true. She is even sharing mormon messages on facebook with her friends and today she invited a couple of friends over for a FHE. She is super legit!!

The ward is looking a lot better. they finally got home teaching all organized. I have a comp named Hno Romero... he is a future elder and hes wayyyyy humble. and way legit. such a strong testimony for being a recent convert. we ahve 2 familes that we have to visit.

This week we should be having a baptism if we can find Ivana... she went on vacation and she should be back already. so we will have to see if she can be baptized. :D

Then next week we should have 3 or 4 baptisms from the rodriguez family. hopefully they all can make it!!

I really love the mission and i cant believe its coming to a close... hopefully I can make the best of these last couple of weeks!! I know I will.

Be safe everyone and dont forget to write me!! ;D

Keep your prayers goign for the investigators!!

Lots of Love,

Elder Gray

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