Monday, June 17, 2013

Activity, Baptism, Unexpected Text Message

First of All............. HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!! :D

Wow... this week was super aweseom!! we had a ton of miracles happen this week in our Barrio of La Rioja. We ended up having a pretty good activity with another branch. They did a couple of skits, had a canasta, and played some music. We also watched the Joseph Smith movie. The flia Rodriguez went and they got to know a couple of people. Lets just say that they have a tond of friends now :D

The flia rodriguez gt baptized!!! and so did ivana so it was a wicked sweet week. There were a couple of other baptisms as well so we did a huge combination  of all of the baptisms. In total there were 13 people in white i think. It was defnintely one of the best baptisms i have had. There were a couple of investigtors there as well. Raquel invited her friend maribel, and then randomly the oldest sister showed up to support them as well. So yeah!! it was way good.

We also ended up having transfers this week.... Ill tell you the story,.... I got the call at about 10:40 that night from the zone leaders... they were like, "ok ok.... Elder Hill is going to his house!!!" well yeah, I knew that.. haha then said asked me, "did you get the other news??" i said, "what other news?" they answered, "you´re goign to be zone leader in The Sierras Zone!!!" ..... So yeah, here i am in a new area called Villa Allende. It is in the Sierras stake.... really close to unquillo and rio ceballos so i feel right at home.

this area is going to be great.... a huge difference between how many people go to church... in La rioja, 45.... here in Villa Allende, 160..... so yeah, im pumped to have tsome members :D

I also had a nother suprise when i got here. Elder Goates said bye to me!!

So yeah, thtss about all that happened this week.. Hpefulyy you got all of my photos!

Love you all, be safe!

Elder Gray :D

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