Sunday, June 16, 2013

1 John 4:16,18

Wow... Another week has flown by.... And its my companions last week!!! So crazy... I feel like it is still 3 months ago when I first got here and when I first met Elder Hill, but now he is leaving me in a short week.

Hes a great missionary. I sure will miss him.

This week we had a lot of success. We ended up teaching a ton to the Rodriguez family. They are sooooo cool. We are trying to get the dad to open up a bit more to us. He told us why he doesnt like churches and its because of tithing... he doesnt think that God needs tithing... but after we could explain a little bit to him about Abraham and how they had tithing back then, he opened up to us a little bit more asking about Joseph Smith and stuff.... He understood really well about profets and hes goign to read the book of mormon to ask if its true. He also gave us permission to baptize his daughters so we should have 3-4 baptisms from the Rodriguez family this week. The girls are super excited!!

This week Ivana Rios is finally getting baptized... she has been out of town the last couple of days so we havent been able to find her that much. but we finally found her and she said that she has had a change of heart and wants Elder Hill to baptize her as the last baptism of his mission.... SICK!!!! He was way pumped to hear about that.

So yeah, this week we should have transfers. hopefully i can stay here another transfer to end the mission and that they dont send me to a random different area... that wouldnt be cool... haha but hey, whereever the Lord needs me im cool with it.

I sent a couple of pictures.... hopefully you all got them. Its of last week when we went to see elder Cook and then when I saw elder Michalek and a couple of pictures of the FHE that we did with a couple of members.

The ward is getting more excited to start doing its own missionary work. we left with a couple of members to go do dsome home teaching and to start wroking around some differente parts of the ward. It was super fun. I had a blast. We also got permission to have a FHE in the church. I think were goign to watch a movie as a ward and share some stories and such... then on saturday the quorum is going to have an activity and they invited us to come as well... im pumped!!

Today we have an asado with one of our converts so that will be pretty sweet!!! :D

wellp. I dont have much more to say other than I know that LOVE is the most important thing we can have in this life and in the life to come. Love is what makes us move. If we didnt have love, life wouldnt have purpose. Pure love casts out all fear!!!

I hope you are all great!! be safe and take luck.

Nos vemos muy pronto

Elder Gray

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