Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mom's Day!

Wow.... It was great talking witht he fam... after 20 months of being here... i sure do understand the importance of familyand spending time with them. That is probably the biggest thing that i miss.... being able to just sit downa nd talk to my family for an hour. I MISS YOU GUYS!!
its weird to think that i only have 4 months left in the mission... maybe less if i can come home a couple weeks early to start school. thats like 15 weeks!! wowowowo.

well on sunday we had a lot of good news!! and a bit of bad news....

The good news is that we had 6 people at church!! the bad news is that the 2 most important peopel that we had, did not go to church.... :P

Eliana ana Melina didnt end up going to church and they didnt have a good excuse for why they didnt go.... i was really upset... So now we have to make them get baptized at a different time and they have to wait a whole other week so that they can receive the remission of their sins taht they are looking for. I just wish that peopel would understand the importance of everything that we teach... we really hold the same power and authority that john the baptist had... that is the same authority that helps give peopel the remission of their sins... the same authority that permits people to enter into the kingdom of god (john 3:5) with their first steps (2 nephi 31).

But the good news is that ivana did end up goingto church so she will be getting baptized on the 25th. she is soooo cool!!  :D I love her. haha and we also had another lady come to church...
she is named carina. she was going to church for a long time back in the day and her son got baptized, but she ended up not getting baptized for some reason... im not sure. but she wanted to come back to church and start going again. so we are going to go visit her during the week to see if we can help her with her goals and such.

the same three kids that came last week came again this week. we just need to talk to their parents to see if they can get baptized. and hopefully as we talk about it, they can learn the importance of it all as well.

then the other miracle that we had was this guy named walter. we found him on friday in the streeet. he just barely moved here form salta and he wants to start his life over again. So he found us in the street, asked us where the church was and then he showed up at 6 oclock. But he left early because he thought church was over so he didnt stay for the sacrament meeting.

so overall... it was a bitter sweet week. hopefully we can have more urgency with our investigators and they can really understand the importance of everything that we teach.

I love alll the mothers out there ! you are the best!! Keep going strong!

Elder Gray

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