Monday, May 20, 2013

1 Corithians 12:12-22

Hey everyone, how are you all doing??

This week for me has been awesome!! Eliana and Melina are getting baptized!!! por FINN!!

So yeah, they ended up coming to church and Eliana brought her boyfriend so that we can start teaching him. He is super cool! his sister is a member and she is inactive because a LOT of stuff has happened in her life and so she dropped the church to get her life in order. But she has the strong desire to come back. So now we have 3 ways of helping Cristian get baptized. 1. His sister 2. his girlfriend 3. NANCY!!

Nancy is legit. she keeps on dominatingthe people with her testimony and everyone she has given us as a reference has been baptized... now we just have to work on getting everyone in that barrio baptized and then that barrio will become a new branch!! LEGIT!

The only bad news that we had this week is that Ivana cant get baptized because she did end up coming to church... she fought with her mom and so she didnt feel like goign... we ended up heading to her house rigth before sacrament meeting to help give her some animo so that she would go to church.... at the end she finally said that she would get baptized next week..... so we will see.

But we ended up finding a couple of cool people this week as well. A LOT OF DADS.... yeah yeah... so yeah, it was really cool to start finding the dads of the families that we have been teaching. hopefully we can follow the example of Nephi and cut the head of the family off (baptize the dad) and then the rest of the family will follow them.

but well have to see.... todo esta en juego.

Wow... seriously it is hard to write in english... its starting to freak me out. but hey, when i get back ill be writing and talking a ton so its all good.

This week the other missionaries in my district baptized so we should be a district of SION! i hope our excitement for the work can spread to the other missionaries and allllll of us can start baptizing.

So yeah, that is all that happened this week.

just a lot of finding, teaching, and baptizing.

love you all!!

Elder Gray

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