Monday, March 4, 2013

Letter #80 18 Months!!! Crazy crazy!

This week has been pretty awesome!! We have had a bunch of miracles here in our areas. Here in Alta Gracia/Crucero, we had 2 baptisms of two girls. Micaela Perez (11) and Marienella Dominguez (9). They are awesome!!

Micaela got baptized on Saturday because her dad had to work on Sunday. There were a lot of people there that weren´t members and one o fhte cousins got really interested. So we´re going to send the referral to C√≥rdoba to see what happens!

Marienella got baptized on Sunday by her dad who was coming back to church. He is awesome! I remember the first time I went to the house to visit him and we shared the scripture in Ether 12:12, and that it would be a miracle that he could baptize his daughter. He took it really good, put the batteries in, and now has a calling in the church as president of the gospel principles class. Definitely one of my favorite members here :D

this week Yamila went to church again! We´ve been having a hard time finding her to start teaching her so.... we ended up calling her and inviting to to all the activities that we have been having this week. She went to young womens, to the baptism, and to church all by herself. Its really nice because she lives 3 blocks formt eh church! :D

We have a lesson with her tomorrow and we´re going to invite her to be baptized! Hopefully we can talk to her parents about it as well. It should be a really good day.

Karissa Bosco Aka... Hermana Bosco, let me borrow her camera and its awesome!! Thank you!! I´ve been taking pictures a ton now! I wish i could send them.... But the computers here dont work that good... :P

I got the valentines package this week and I lvoed it!! Thanks for all the pictures.

But especially, thank you for all the suppor that I have at home. A missionary really doesn´t realize how many people are praying for them but they really do feel all of the prayers. I loveyou all!

Today we are goint o start helping out the ward here to do their visits as home teachers. Its going to be really fun! :D yeah yeah.

Well.... Nothing much else to report! Still working a FULL and trying to become a disciple of Christ every day!

I love you all and I pray every night that you are all ok!

Elder Gray :D

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