Monday, February 25, 2013

Letter #79

This week was pretty good. We ended up having a lot of success and had 2 new people show up to church. :D

We also had a suprise capacitation fromt he assistants and im hoping that the goals they gave us can be put to action. They told us that we need to hvae more lessons with member and that we need to love the members more.... So yeah! Im down with that!

On saturday I ended up going to a baptism in another area jus tto support the other elders in my zone. It was way good! Afterwards, we reeived a cool reference form them so we shoul be passing by her pretty soon!

On the way back from the baptism we ened up just calling every signle one of our investigators to invite them to church. So 2 of them ended up saying ok!

We called Cecilia and she answered and was like, YEAH! I can go this week. What time is it at again? So we ended up picking her up at her house at 1030ish because she had to work in the morning. This was a crucial part of the church shedule because she ended up making it to one o fhte classes and she got to meet a lot of the members and learn a ton in the few minutes taht she could be there. And then she loved the sacrament meeting!! :D

We also called the familia cabanillas and alicica told us that she couldn´t because some of her famliy was visiting her from buenos aires... but then she was like.... HEY! my daughter reallywanted to go last week... can she go this week??? WEll of course!! So we also went to go look for her with one of the jovenes in our ward. It was way cool. She had a great time in all of the classes and she is going to go to the activities that they have for the young womens this week. So im really pumped! It was cool to see the blessings we got forr just calling to see if they could come to church. We are going to put that into practice again this week to see what other miracles can come out of it!

This week we have 2 baptisms! Micaeal and Marianella. I ended up interviewing Marianella for her bapitsm and she passed with flyng colors! :D I should be interviewing Micaela a bit tomorrow so we´ll have 2 baptisms this sunday! Im way pumped!


I hope mom is ok... i didn´t get a letter from her this week!

Thanks to everyone that wrote me!!
Love you all!

elder Gray

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