Monday, February 18, 2013


Yeah buddy.

This week was pretty good. we received a lot of references form the ward members. I think the final count was 12 (normally we get 2 or 3...) But yeah. The coolest part about the references was that they did all hte work to setup the lessons so all we have to do now is show up :D

the ward is really booming now. The spirit of mission work is making everyone enjoy the church. Its awesome.

Im hoping that by the end of my time here in Alta Gracia, the ward will be baptizing a ton!

This week in the district we had a lot of news. All of the areas in the district are going to baptize this month! way legit! Crucero has 2 people that are getting baptized, and then in Santa Rosa they have a mom and a daughter that are going to be baptized.

I also had the chance to meet a guy from Senegal..... He was the most black guy i have ever met! :D And.... he spoke french... and a little bit of spanish... and a little bit of english. It was hard trying to understand him because he was always mixing the words up.... but by the end we ended up giving him our card and a picture of Christ and he said he´d take it back to Senegal with him.

We also met a cool new family!! it was one of the references that we receivedfrom the ward. It is a family of 5. I dont really know them really well yet, but we have a lesson with them on thursday.

At church we didn´t ahve anyone.....  because it rained really bad.... rosa and mariela didnt come out of their house and the other people we invited stayed inside aswell.... It wasbasically a hail storm. There ended up being like 50 people in church because it was raining sohard. We had to help a couple of members push their cars out the mud so that they could go to church so it was a fun experience.

Congrats for the mission call Alex!! :D Im proud of you! Be safe and serve with all your heart might mind and strength!

Thats about all that happened this week. just a lot of knocking, talking, and walking.


elder Gray

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