Monday, March 18, 2013

Week 1000. . . or at least it feels like that. . . ja! :) D&C 67:10

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing great! I've been having a great time in Alta Gracia. We磛e been receiving a lot of blessings here and Im proud to announce that the Pope of the Catholic church is argentine!!! :D woohoo!!

A lot of the catholic people have a lot more 醤imo now. They are actually a little bit more receptive to our message. and they randomly give us candy if we knock on their door.... haha booyeah.

It was kinda funny though. When they finally annouced the pope, there was basically a big parade in our downtown... I thought that one of the futbol teams had won or something but no... everyone was chanting about the pope and how there was now hope... haha they创re crazy.

This week we ended up having some technical difficulties witht he baptism of Yamila... We couldn磘 find her... hahahaha but yeah, we are going to be preparing ehr baptism for the 30 of march now.

We ended up inviting 10 peopel this week to be baptized!!! 6 of them said yeah and they have a date to be baptized... the other four wouldn磘 commit to a specific date but hey,... they accpeted baptism.

But... no one showed up to church.... :P

This week we ended up helping out the Farf醤 family... they are probably my faovrite inavctive famliy who lives here and they love me! haha We told one of the sisters that she needs to repent and be "baptized again" (Alma 5:62) and she accepted. She ended up coming to church telling us that her and her husband had problems, he kicked her out of the house, and now she lives with her parents.... but she thanked s us a ton for the help. She now has her priorities in strait and she is seeing the blessings of living a temple worthy life.... Just hopefully we can help her set things striat with her husband. and we ended up having 4 inactive families come to church this week. So we did see some fruits of our work.

We 2 new investigators... one from the famlia Campi... who is an inactive famliy who wants to come back to church. They have a son who isn磘 baptized...

then there is a girl here who always goes to church but doesn磘 have her "registro"... so she might have to get baptized again.

but hey, we磍l see what happens!!

I love you all!

Trust in the promise that is in DC 67:10. You will end up seeing the Lord!

Lots of Love,

Elder Gray

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