Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Campo de Sion!

Wow.... this week was amazing!! We had a lot of miracles happen to us and It was awesome to see the hand of the Lord in our lives this week.

I had the opportunity to got o Santa Rosa to help them find some more peopel to teach and help the work progress. So 4 of us leaders got the special mission to be the Campo de Zion.... So basically we just went and camped out in a pension and had no room to do anything but it was really cool to experience that. I felt like I was at EFY... haha

I ended up working with elder Yazzi. He is legit! we ended up finding 2 families and putting baptismal dates with 11 people.... Milagrasos!!

I also had the opportunity this week to learn a little bit about knowledge and wisdom... and especially the differences that there are between them.

Knowledge, in my words, would be to know how to do something. Wisdom, in my words, is knowledge applied...

I can know everything in the whole wide world about building a house and i could have read every single book to know how to build a house.... but when it comes down to actually buiding the house... I need to have experience.

It was cool to start being "wise" with some of the scriptures that I ahve always read my entire life... for example in 2 nefi 32:9. Debéis orar SIEMPRE y NO DESMAYAR.

I know that I should pray always and not faint.... its something i have always known... but.. I put it into practice this week

Before leaving the pension. we pray
before entering into a house. we pray
before knocking a door. we pray
before testifying. we pray
before teaching. we pray
before calling someone. we pray
before reading. we pray
before writing the family. we pray
before anything.... we pray!

this week, while putting that scripture into practice, we received a lot of blessings.

I ended up getting back to my area on satrdaya nd i thought i wasn´t going to be able to have many people in church because we werent able to visit many of them.

We ended up visiting a lady named Noemi and she said shewould be at the church at 930.

We waited for her until 10 o clock and she finally showed up! She asked for forgivness for showing up late and then we went to class. SHE LOVED CHURCH!! After the sacrament meeting, the relief society got up to sing a postludio and noemi stood up with them. She couldn´t end the song because she was crying. Afterwards the bishop pulled her aside and was talking with her in his office. After about a half an hour, we had the cahnce to talk to her and she told us that she had never felt the way she was feeling. So we taught her about the spirit and she told us that she finally felt like she had found the true church. And she was hopiung that we could help her daughter find it as well.

Today we have a lesson with them and I hope it goes pretty good. we are planning on inviting her to be baptized!

this week, Yamila also came to chruch and she told us that her parents are ok with it if she gets baptized!!! so she is getting baptized this week!! :D

Really, I know that if we can put scriptures into practice, the Lord will bless us with wisdom... with experience... but most importantly with blessings.


I lov eyou all and I hope you are getting my pictures!

Elder Gray

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