Thursday, September 29, 2011

Letter #4

Hello family! / Creepy stalkers on the blog... haha jk
Que pasa? Nothing is going on here, just the usual.
We did get to hear from Elder Allen. he is the big head honcho in charge of the mission funds or something like that. he was really funny and talked about our desire to serve missions. one thing he said that i really liked was, "Get lost in your mission, for it is the best place to be lost, and the only place to truly find yourself." he also said, "let your mission go through you, dont let you go through your mission."
we also heard from elder clarke who talked about our desire to serve missions as well. there were a lot of things i liked about his talk. he said that we should never take our name tag for granted adn taht we should be proud to wear the name elder. because there are only a few amount of people IN THE WORLD who get to wear it. included among these people are prophets, apostles, and us missionaries.  he also talked about our missions that we will be serving when we leave the mtc.  he read a story that touched my heart and it was something like this:  there was a missionary where i was serving who came into my office after 2 days of getting to Chile. i asked him why he needed to see me and he said that he wanted to go home. "I hate the climate, i hate my companion, i hate my bed, and i hate the food. i want to go home." i pleaded with him to stay for a month. he said, "i'll give you 2 weeks." after those two weeks he came back to my office wanting to see me urgently. he came in and i asked how his two weeks went. this is what he said, "I can't stand having my shirt stick to my back because of how much im sweating, the climate is terrible. I cant stand my companion. I can't stand having to sleep in the dirt covered bed that they give me. I can't stand the beans, rice, tortillas, and sauces that they feed me..... but i met this family, who has less than what i have, who doesn't have very many clothes, whose bed is the dirt, and who barely has enough to eat.  then we taught them about the companion that we all have, Jesus Christ, and the love he has for all of us.  President, after these two weeks, this family is the reason that i want to stay."  that story touched me so deeply, and even remembering it now i can feel the spirit and im starting to tear up.  I know it will be hard to adjust to argentina, but i know it will be easy to find people who are looking for the companionship of Christ.  He is my favorite companion that i have had so far in my mission and i know that he lives.  I can't wait to see him again, when i can kneel down and kiss his feet for all that he has done for the world.
That story reminds me of a poem that Elder Ireland's uncle wrote. I think i posted it on facebook under my "notes" section. if someone wants to print that poem off and send it to me that would be great. :) and also my farewell talk too. i want to get that story of the index cards.  and any other inspirational stories, quotes, pictures etc. please send them my way!
The MTC is an amazing place. i love it so much. i can't wait to hear about all the wonderful experiences that my friends will have here. congrats to zack for his call! and ill be seeing elder rasmussen soon! i can't wait to hear where elder Downey, Bruin, Holmstead, and sister Holmstead head off to.
A mission is the best choice i have ever made in my life. even though it has only been 4 weeks (who's counting) i know that i am quickly turning from a boy into a man. i have loved every minute of it.
Im sorry to hear that Utah crushed the Cougars...................................... NOT!!!! take it dad :) the cougs finally got what they deserved haha. but i hope byu finds their rhythym because they need it ;).
Tell the ward that i have them in my prayers and that today's trials, become tomorrow's testimonies. stay strong, and love every minute that you have the gospel, becuase there are many others who would take your place in an instant. consider yourself blessed that you have heard the gospel in this life. i know i am.
Thank you mom for being such a great example to me. i love you SOOOOOOOOOOO much. i want to relate myself to a stripling warrior, who was taught the knowledge of the gospel by their mothers. i am so strong in the gospel because of my family. I love the examples that everyone has set for me.
things i need from everyone:
Things i need from home:
some bathing shoes.... (flip flops, sandals... whatever) the bathroom floors are kinda sick. haha
por favor, recordar todos las cosas eso Dio ha bendicido ustedes con. ustedes estan bendicido muy mucho! ( sorry for the poor spanish, im kinda out of it right now. the smell of bleach is putting me into another world.... haha )
"Adios! Nos Vemos!" -Hermana Andrade
"Abrazo"-Elder Morin
Te Amo,
Elder Gris

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