Monday, November 14, 2011

Letter #12

During my travels here in Cordoba, all I have to say is three letters.... W. O. W.
This is crazy!! They don´t teach me how to use a bideé in the MTC. haha that was a fun experience.  Como estan ustedes? La Español aqui es muy differente que la Español en el CCM. Todos hablan con el Castagano accent. La primer vec yo caminé en mi hogar, pensí que, "voy a morir".... pero está bien ahora!!
When I first got to BUenos Aires, I thought I was going to die, then I got to Cordoba and to the Mission Presidents house and I felt like this is the best place for me to be.  I arrived in my house and it was no bigger than dad´s shop for all four of us.  there was no bathroom, shower, etc. all that we had were four beds and one night stand.  I will send you a video and some pictures once I can, but i forgot to bring my connector thingy... :P
Mi compañero es Elder Thompson de Sacramento, California. He has 5 weeks left!! Its nice not to have a local because now i can actually understand what people are asking me.  Its weird, they said at the MTC that I´ll be able to understand more than I can speak once I got out here.... NO WAY. I can understand a couple of sentences here or there, and I can speak pretty good. There are a lot of different phrases that they like to say here that they don´t say anywhere else. So Elder Larson has been helping me with those.  Yesterday (Sunday), we woke up to a storm.  They said its the biggest one that they have been in. The streets were flooded and so we just walked in water the whole day.
The ward here is so nice! Except there were only about 40 people there due to the storm.  We teach the Gospel Principles class and we helped out in primary.
Then Elder Thompson had to do a Entrevista de Bautismal (Can´t remember the words in english), and so he didn´t want me spending my first day sitting outside of the Entrevista. I went on a split with Elder Larson and we went and taught several different people.
During the lessons I just sit there and try to pick out different words. then during, my comp translates what just happened and I try to teach... jaja
Except I dont know their names :P. I can´t understand them jaja.
But, I do know that we taught the Law of Chastity because we barely found out that one of them was not married and their bautismo was on saturday. so now they have a plan to get married la dos de Deciembre and get married the tres. their names are pablo and idk.
We taught Prima (nickname) about why God lets bad stuff happen. after the lesson, given by elder larson, haha, She said she will read, pray, and come to church with us next week.
Then there is Daniella. She is sixteen, and she is amazing! I already love her. she didn´t know if she wanted to get bauptized because she wasn´t perfect. after the lesson again given by elder larson.... jaja she said she wanted to get bauptized that next week.
She is amazing, just like everyone else. Its been 36 hours and i already love the people. I just wish I could communicate witht hem better.  Elder Larson and Elder Thompson say that my spanish was their spanish after a month here, so hopefully i can learn it quick.
Elder Larson´s companion is elder Ferreira. He only speaks spanish....FAST.... and its fun trying to communicate with him.
Elder Thompson is an amazing missionary. I can tell that he has had a lot of success due to his guidance by the spirit and by his lessons.  These are amazing missionaries, and im glad that President Salas let me be in the best place ever.
Oh ya, my area is called La Madrid and viente de Junio.
I walk everywhere, eat a ton at lunch, and sleep at 10:30.
un par de veces yo anoto como amigable todas las personas son. Todas las personas y muy humilde.  They have no floor sometimes.  No one has a washing machine or dryer. no one owns a microwave. There are dogs EVERYWHERE.
Oh and the people drive crazy.
The first bus I rode in on my way to the smaller airport got into a crash becasue the people behind us were not paying attentiona nd tried to pass us.... locos.
There are a lot of phrases I need to learn:
Me parece-it looks like to me
o sea- in other words
darse cuenta-to realize
me cuesta- its hard for me
quedarse- to stay
fijarse- to check out
tiene sentido- makes sense
nada que ver- its nothing like that
un par de veces- a couple of times
recien- recently
subirse- to get up
anotar- to note, to notice
pareja- a couple
tiene razón- you´re right
hay que- you should
debe- you must
claro-i understand (Most used word ever!)
No me sale- i can´t do it
mira voz- look at you
rato- a small amount of time
estamos viendo- we´ll see ya
dejar- to put
de vec en cuando- once in a while
chorizo- sausage
puede ser- its possible
choripan- sanwich with a sausage
saca turno- set an appointment
yeah... thats the jist of it.... so far.
We are going to ask for 25 references today from the ward. so it should be interesting how many we get. but if we do get some, that means we´ll have a lot more lessons to teach :)
The bautismal rate here is 2ish a month..... so yeah. this will be fun.
I hope everyone is doing well! Ill see you in 21 ish months... i think.

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