Monday, November 28, 2011

Letter #14


¿Que Hacen negrasonoóoonones?  That literally translates to "Whats up, negros.".... jaja

I am kinda jealous of you guys in Hawaii, but then again... I am in Argentina, and I do have a sweet watch/ring/neckline tanline already :)

So really, if you wanted to buy me those shirts.... I´d be ok with it. haha who all went to Hawaii anyways? whats the food like? how much is the milk? We definitely need to go back when I can go as well :) please dad? haha

This week has been crazy!!! We had 24 investigators at church yesterday! it was so awesome. Our plan of using the investigators only is really starting to work. We have 7 baptism dates in december. A lot of the time, elder thomson and i have just been walking around trying to find the houses that we have received addresses.  one time we got lost and found ourselves in the Cordoba jungle.... (one of the pictures included) and we also have had a lot of success with people keeping their committments. The gonzalez family have been awesome this week. Mauro, one of the investigators, always is inviting me to play "basquet" with him on Tuesday´s and thursdays. so this week i think im going to go show him and his Argentine friends how to play some american basketball. after the four of us (yo, elder thomson, elder larson, elder ferreira) are going to try to have one big lesson with everyone that comes.

oh yeah, last p-day, i had the chance to go into the Belgrano stadium :) boo-yeah. i seriously am contemplating buying a jersey. Its weird, ive been here for 3 weeks and i have yet to play a single game of futból. its all about playing volli here.

I eat in member´s homes and in our pension. The other elders were playing a trick on me when i first got there. We actually really do have a kitchen and a bathroom.  The only thing we dont have that i really miss is a microwave. :( oh how us americans are spoiled. 

so this week was thanksgiving!!

Ten things i am greatful for:
1. My amazing mother. She is the best! Without her, i literally would not be here right now. haha thank your for giving birth to me.
2. My amazing dad. if you know my dad, you already know how awesome of a father/person he is.
3. My amazing family. without them, i would not be here right now. and plus, time to time, they offer me comic relief :)
4. My friends. They are what made me the person i am right now. They are the best friends i could ever ask for.
5. The chance I have to go to College. I am sincerely greatful for my opportunity to obtain knowledge so that i can better my future for me and my future spouse and kids.
6. Air conditioning. I continuosly sweat while i am in people´s houses. its kinda awesome. its definite knowledge that i wont gain weight while im here.
7. carpet. I found some carpet the other day and layed down on it. Ive never been so confortable in my entire life.
8. The knowledge of the plan of salvation. I know where I was before this life, why I am here, and where I am going. A lot of people don´t know this, so they dont have anything to live for.
9. The knowledge of the restauration. I know that the same authority that was on the earth durign the time of christ has been restored. The same miracles that happened at the time of christ can happen again.
10. I will forever be greatful for the atoning sacrifice of my Savior Jesus Christ. Without this sacrifice, there is no way I could return into the loving arms of a loving father in heaven. I deeply realized how much we need him this week.

we were teaching a couple, the brother of Mauro, Claudio and his GF Annahi. They are mad at god for the bad things that have happened to him in their life. for example: Claudio´s father died. Annahi´s aunt and cousin died from diabetes. they both suffered for many years too.  During this  lesson, i was having a hard time understanding what was going on. but all i know is that i had this overpowering love for them. A love that was the most powerful love i have ever felt. It wasn´t that i loved them this much, it was that God was showing me how much he loved them. During this whole lesson, Annahi and I started to cry. I knew right then i should bear my testimony of what i had just felt. So i did.

I know that we are all sons and daughters of a loving heavenly father. he loves us so much that he sent his Beloved Son, to come to the earth and show us how to return to him.  Life is not fair, nor never will it be. Life wasn´t meant to be fair. How can we expect it to be easy for us, as sinners, when it was most difficult for a perfect person, a son, begotten of God himself. Jesus Christ had the hardest life ever in the earth and it will be the hardest life ever to be forever. once again, life wasn´t meant to be easy, because salvation was NEVER easy.

I know that when I am rejected of people here, when I am spit upon, when I am cursed at, when I an denied and betrayed, I am only becoming one step closer to being shoulder to shoulder with a perfect son of God. I love Christ, I am forever eternally greatful for what he has done for me. The more time I spend here, the more I realize how much he suffered for us and how much we owe him.

Man i wish i could do that in spanish.... one day i will be able to. haha

I love you all and hope you have a fun time in Hawaii and whatever else you are doing. :)

Elder Gray

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