Monday, November 21, 2011

Letter #13

Hola! Como Andan? Todo bien?
Este semana fue loco!!
There are a lot of things that I need to get used to here....
1. There is no such thing as carpet. In homes its either dirt, concrete, or tile. So when I actually see carpet... I start freaking out... haha
2. The bidee thing is killing me... haha
3. Everyone is offering me food. Food here: carne, carne grande, carne, arroz, carne, dulces, leche, carne, some tang stuff that is good
4. Everyone trying to add me on facebook. "Let me add you on facebook so I can talk to your family about you!" haha its funny
5. How fat the alfajors are going to make me. they are so delicious!
6. The fact that my suit is going to be ruined. a. because its seems to always rain when im walking in it. b. because im doing to be so fat
7. The matéish tea here is delicious. a. all i know is that if my comp drinks it, i can :)
8. The bus drivers are CRAZY! In the states, theres a ton of rules about you having to be seated while the bus is going. Here, they barely wait for you to get on the bus before they start going again. its kinda fun to try and keep your balance.
9.  Getting called a devil.
10. People looking at my name tag before looking at my face.
I love it here!!! God knew I was supposed to be here. The one thing that I dont like about it here is how I can not yet speak spanish totally. I can understand a lot of it, unless they are speaking in Cordabéis (a weird accent) but I can´t speak as well as i wan´t. It´s a lot different thant he MTC spanish too. the MTC spanish is all about the gospel and the words we use for that. but here its all about the world, and the world´s words for everything.
We have been teaching everyone!! Elder Larson came up with a way that we can get atleast 8 referalls from every member in our ward. and it works. we have about 30 people we still need to contact on our list. and the good thing about it is that 25% of the people we contact this way actually want to learn more.
This last saturday was a disappoint... :( We were supposed to have one of our investigators get baptized. her name is Melani.  She is amazing!!! She´s one of the people I can really talk to and understand. She´s 17 and she loves the gospel. She is really feasting upon the words of Christ. She had her date for this last saturday and she passed her interview. She even gave me permission to be the one to baptize her. but when we went to have her mom sign the record so that she could get baptized, her mom refused....
So.... she went to ask her dad to sign it (he´s in carcel), and he said that if anyone in her family signed it, he would never speak to their family again. So.... Satan knows that she is a perfect baptismal candidate, so he is doing everything he can to stop her from progressing. Freakin Satan, I hate him. But one thing I do know is that somehow, someway, God will prepare the way for her to be baptized. Elder Larson said that it happens a lot out here. They have people ready to be baptized, but Satan does something to stop it. then he said, "Satan wins battles, but God will win the war."..... BOOM!!! I know he will win this war with Melani.
We have been teaching a lot of families. A lady named Lorena is a member but her entire family is not. Her brothers are, Mauro, Pablo, Adrian, and Claudio. So we are teaching them, and their families. It´s awesome. They are an amazing, BIG, family and they will be a blessing to the ward here.
Elder Thomson is amazing. He´s so fluent its crazy. Ill hear someone that i think is talking so fast that he´s doing it on purpose and then elder Thomson turns to me and says, " he wants to know your name. " haha, its fun. He´s from Sacramento..... wow, thats basically all i can remember, thats horrible. haha I need to talk about him more. he´s never had a snowy christmas, he´s goingt o byu after his mission i think. he gets home the 21st of December. haha ill have more about him next week.
Well thats about the jist of my week. I hope you are all doing "de diez!"
Elder Gray
Im goign to try and send pictures.... but I dont know how with this piece of junk computer.
And possibly some funny videos of my first real day... haha

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