Monday, December 5, 2011

Letter #15

Did you guys get my pictures that I attached to the last letter? hopefully. haha

How are you all! I can´t believe that i have already been out here three months!! im already done with 1/8 of my mission.... how crazy is that? but something even crazier to think is that Elder Thomson only has 2 weeks left in his entire mission. He says it feels like yesterday he was arriving. It really is true. We dont have enough time to be here. its all moving by so quickly.

This week´s highlights:
1. i bought a huge piece of bread, (bigger than my head) for only 4 pesos!! thats a dollar... haha
2. I met my first blind person (i think)
3. I met a random lady on the road that said she has a picture of me and elder thomson on her fridge.... so we´re starting to teach her this wednesday. haha
4. Someone was stabbed to death on the other side of a block of one of our member/investigator´s house an hour after we passed by there.
5. I earned a kilo of ice cream for eating something "really picante" (but what they dont realize is that i have grown up eating hot stuff my entire life)
6. We have three people being baptized this week!
7. The christmas devotional happened, and i didn´t get to see it yet :P
8. I had an intercambio with Elder Monzon
9. I told an investigator that i thought the girls here in Argentina are pretty without realizing it....
10. I found out why god put me in Argentina

1. Yes, i found a huge piece of bread, bigger than mine or elder thomson´s head, that was only 4 pesos. this was my lunch and dinner for a day. It was right before i went to play soccer for the first time here in Argentina, which felt amazing by the way. 8 elders running around sweating profusely, while it felt like it was raining, but it wasn´t. (its so HUMID!)

2. So this week we decided that we´d try to find more people to teach. and so we did that. and the stake gave us an assignment to search out the less active memebers and find out why they were not coming. so we did that too. we found this man named Luis (i think). He answered the door like any other person and started talking to us. then after about 2 minutes he opened the door some more and i saw his walking cane. just then i figured our that he was blind. I had no idea!! it was cool
2b. We met another man at church and visited him at his house this sunday. he said his wife died this last week and so he wanted to come to church. we are teaching his this week.

3. On the way to Luis´s house, i saw a lady coming down the street and so i stepped out of the way of her. then she stepped into the way of me, so i stepped out of the way of her again. then she stepped into my way again and then we almost ran into each other. she started talking really fast but from what i understood is that she has seen us before..... picture..... on fridge..... so im guessing that means that she has a picture of us on her fridge. Elder thomson said he wasn´t sure what she said either, so we decided to go visit her this wednesday.

4. So we were at the House of one of our investigators, Pablo. We were chilling talking to him about his family and how his son Lauti ( a freaking stud byt he way) wanted to be like us elders and be a good example and such.
4b. This last friday we had a little get together at the church for all of our recent converts and progressing investigators. so Pablo and Alejandra came with their kids: Lauti, Brenda, Milagros, Santiago, Catalina. Then they put me and elder larson in charge of taking care of the kids (bad idea), so we were playing soccer outside and Lauti threw the ball at my face. it really hurt. then he said he was sorry and we went inside. then we went intot hte primary rooma nd started playing again. Elder Larson went into another room with Lauti and he taught him about being a good example and such with his family. it was cool.
4c. in the meentime, elder thomson was having a bomb lesson with Alejandra and pablo about temple work and then we found out that they had a daughter that died at the age of 2. so alejandra was crying. it was cool.

5. the sauce was weak... that sums it up. haha

the rest will wait till next week!

I hope all is good.

Elder Gray

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