Monday, December 19, 2011

Letter #17

Feliz Navidad!!

How is everyone!? Is it a white christmas?, because here it is! (white baptismal clothes)

We jsut had three baptisms. Lautero, Mauro, y Amanda! they are legit. i love them.  I had the opportunity to baptize Lautero (lauti) and it was awesome!! I didn´t even mess up the prayer!

It was kinda cool too... i felt like i actually contributed to their conversion because Mauro and Lauti chose me to do the baptism. But I guess that there is an unwritten rule that i can´t baptise mroe than one person or something. ahah but it was still a good feeling to get chosen.

Its amazing how fast Christmas is coming. Its only been like 3 months sicne i´ve left!! weird. Ill be calling you guys in a week! Maybe i´ll be skyping, who knows. 

Recently, we had transfers so now I have a new companion!! his name is elder richter from Lousiana. He´s been out for 14 months and he has the language down really good. elder larson is stayin in my pension and he´s going to be a trainer!! so we´ll be having a newby in our pension.... probably a latino.... who will speak better than me.... :P but whatev. Im staying in the same area, La Madrid/20 de Junio. Me and my companion work in 20 de Junio but our pension is in la madrid witht he other elders.

For christmas here its kinda like a fourth of july. they light off fireworks at midnight and then they dish out the presents that night. its pretty intense.  we´ll be chilling at the Urquiza´s house for that night then we´ll be chilling at the church the whole christmas day playing ping pong and stuff. so we´ll see what happens!!

What are your plans for christmas? anything out of the ordindary?

I heard that the ward party/caroling went pretty good. I love that day. definitely one of my favorite days of the year.

When are the Castagnetto´s going to move? same with the Holmsteads?. haha

stuff this week:
1. baptisms!!!! legit!!!
2. transfers! legit!!

we were focusing a lot on our baptisms this week so i dont have any cool stories :P this week hopefully i will!

What do you all want for christmas?

I hope we can all remember that Christmas is all about gifts. Gifts we can give to others. But most importantly the Gift that our Heavenly Father gave us, Jesus Christ. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and I can´t wait to talk with you all!!

Hasta Luego!

elder Gray

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