Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Letter #18 Feliz Navidad

How is everyone!?.... since yesterday. haha Yesterday was so much fun!! It was ncie to hear from everyone!! And supposedly you can have an hour to talk to your family on the phone and then a half hour to skype them.... so sorry about that. haha I fell asleep during all the skyp-age...... then i woke up in a different room on a different bed. so either im sleep wlaking, or the little chicos know how to lift a 76 kg person a pretty far distance without the person they are moving knowing.... ill go with the sleep walking.
lately ive been falling asleeep everywhere!! i think i have3 a disease. if i am sitting still, not moving, i instantly fall asleep.... this disease/curse happens a lot!! during lunch, while eating, studying, praying, waiting for my turn to play volleyball....etc. so yeah, basically i am known for the elder who sleeps everywhere, and the elder who talks to the kids first before anyone.

I swear, I can only understand kids now-a-days... which is weird considering they only speak in vos... but yeah..... i speak pretty good chico spanish. now i jsut need to work on the adult, mature, castagano.... hopefully that goes well.

we had a good turnout at our caroling project this week. we had about 25 people singing and we went to probably 25ish houses which all had about 4-7 people in them. i think we made the record for most contacts in a day ;). but it was cool, the family that we went caroling with said taht all the people that night said that us elders looked like angels and that we were glowing..... I know i look good.... but glowing? seriously ;)

Oh and chirstmas eve we went to the urquiza´s family house and partied.  we had a pretty funny experience there. we went inside to watch the christmas devotional.... which was amazing!!! even if i only understood some of it.... then after we went back inside and watched the top 20 music videos of the year.... which had some with rihanna where she is almost butt naked.... so it went from listening to the prophet, and then watching/listening to the devil. haha luckily us elders had an escape route where we went up on the stairs and just talked...

Then that night at midnight, the firework show started! and lasted for about 45 minutes. and one of the fireworks taht one of the members tried ot light off fell over and it shot into the house and blew up. it was legit. i felt like i was in Call of Duty for real haha. and then the member threw up a huge firecracker to where us elders were and so we would´ve lost that call of duty round... haha it was a fun christmas eve thats for sure!

today we went to walmart!! nothing to exciting.... because i didn´t find any eggnog.... :P 

so yeah... one of the people we carolled to, we ended up putting a baptismal date with him the next day for the 21 of january!

all is good here! i hope everyone is safe and healthy! dont do anything i wouldn´t do :)

Love, Elder Do-Do Gray

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