Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hello family!! Happy new years!! Its going to be a fun year this year. A lot of people have been telling us there they are going to do a lot of crazy stuff since the world ends this year....

haha actually, a guy yesterday stopped us in the street and was like, what do the mormons think of the end of the world? and we just said that only god knows when that is. and so then we started teaching him about the plan of salvation and he said that we could stop by his house later today. so we´ll see where that takes us.

The new years here is freakin crazy. lots of fireworks.... alot more than at christmas. it sounded like world war 4 started!!

Here are ten things that happened this week:

1. OMG. Daniel, one of our investigators, had a revelation that he needed to be baptized. it was definitely a miracle. we went to his house to see his family and visit and elder larson´s new comp barely arrived the day before (elder cardenas de mexico). so we walked in and said hi to everyone and Daniel points to elder cardenas and says, "you are going to baptize me". we are like.... wahhhhht? he said that this morning he woke up to read the restauracion pamphlet. but he couldn´t concentrate. so he said a prayer to help him concentrate. immediately when he said amen, he was sent into a dream of elder cardenas baptizing him..... when he woke up he realized that he has had that dream before and he´s had many dreams with elder cardenas in it. So before he was waiting for something that he didn´t know. he said he was waiting for his son to accept the gospel too. but really, he was jsut waiting for elder cardenas to come!! it was freaking sweet!

2. I killed voldemort. I bought some roman candles for the new years, (since they sell here for 10 for 10 pesos, which is like 10 for 2.50), and the whole time they were going off i was pretending that i was harry potter and i was trying to kill voldemort with my wand.... call me weird.... but the only reason i was doing it was because it was sending elder cardenas into a laughing fit every time i´d do it.

3. We had two investigators at church because of the new years. the people here are fair weather church go-ers. if there is not fair weather, they will not go. and since the new years was just the night before, we had only 2 investigators there. Daniel showed up for priesthood which was amazing!!

4. So one of the members that i can actually understand almost perfectly now, micaela, invited her friend to church yesterday. she is taller than me and is only 13 years old.... :P haha

5. We taught about temple marriage and baptisms for the dead on sunday for gospel priciples. i taught my first lesson in spanish!! with only a few pauses for translations.

6. I owned my ankle three times trying to go down the stairs in our pension... so yeah, its pretty black and blue right now.

7. I almost threw up 3 times this week!

8. My knee has been killing me lately, and i can barely bend it to a 90 degree angle right now.

9. Im going to get my first hair cut tomorrow!! :) boo yeah.

10. he estado hablando español durante este semana mas que todo mi mision!! sinceramente es un milagro. con solamente dos meses aca, yo puedo hablar bastante español para que los argentinos puedan entender de que estoy hablando!!

11. oh, and us elders created a new type of empenada. its a dessert empenada! and it was a big hit. it has bananas, peanut butter, and dulce de leche in it!

12. I figured out a whole new way to teach the commandments! and its pretty legit. Ive used it three times this week and the people seemed to understand the importance of the commandments!

I hope all is well over there! have fun in the brand new truck! Im thinking I want a stick shift when i get home. and maybe some type of moto since they get so good gas mileage! ;)

I miss you all and i hope all is well!


Ëldër Çóllín Gráy

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