Monday, January 16, 2012

Letter #21

I MISS STEVE NASH!!! Mauro always is talking about Kobe, and its really annoying... boozer.

but anyways

1. Yes!! I got robbed by a guy with a freaking huge revolver. it was probably a .45.... but whatever. So really what happened it that i was on intercambios, which is when I switch companions for a day and i go to a different area to work. So i was in Uriturco, and we went to pass by a member family that is inactive. so we were going to go visit them and it was raining really bad so NOONE was outside. we were walking to this house and we passed by a guy. being the normal missionary that i am, i said HOLA! and we kept walking. then we stopped in front of the member´s house and my comp was telling me a little about the family. but then i heard some distant spanish behind me, my comp turned around, and so i was like huh? so i turned around, and it was the guy that i said hi to!! I was about to say como le va, when i looked down and saw that he had a huge revolver pointed at me..... UHHHH..... so, my mind started joggling a bit. I was thinking, oh crap, what is he saying... all i heard was that he wanted my watch, and my bag... so i was like ok, if you want my watch, you´re going to have to take it off of me. soo... he did. haha then I told him that all i had in my bag were books, but I didn´t come to my mind that i should just show him that there we only books.... Dummy me. So yeah, he stole my bad and my watch. but not my ring, or my wallet... haha idk...

All this time when i could´ve died, i wasn´t scared for my life, because i knew where i was going. I love having the knowledge of the plan of salvation. It was kinda cool too. I was reading my patriarchal blessing just before that happened and I read a little part that says, "I bless you with a testimony as you consider the plan of salvation and what it means in my life.".... so at this moment, i really did know what it meant to me. but hopefully i wont have to be reminded again but gun point... haha

2. Recently, with the 5 baptisms, we´ve been finding a lot of new people to teach. its way amazing to see all the people who randomly talk to us and then start crying three sentences into the conversation. But i know that they see us as representatives of jesus christ. And its always sad to see the people say that they dont feel worthy to talk to us or to go to church. but then the spirit tells me to tell them that that is the type of peopel the jesus preached to. he only preached to the sinners and the ones who needed to repent.

3. I went on splits with Elder Cardenas so that i could get to know some of his investigators that he is teaching. All the day we were talking about how we are going to plant some deep doctrine on one o fhte investigators that we have. So before that appointment , we passed by a inactive member and he dropped some DEEP DOCTRINE on us.... it was intense. haha

Its amazing to me when a man studies so hard in the deep doctrine, that he forgets the doctrine on the surface, the doctrine that will bring him eternal life.

4. other than those two that is about it here in Córdoba.

5. Good luck to Zack, Jeff, Shayla, and everyone else that is leaving soon!! :) Im a little mad that Shayla will get home before me... :P ahah but then again, i get more time here in the best place in the world.

I love you all, and i hope you have a great week!

Elder Gray

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  1. Elder Gray...lets try not to get robbed again!!!
    I'll bet your getting more street smart..huh!!!