Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sorry it's later than normal! (=

Hola Familia!

Tuvimos un bautismo!!! Boo yeah. The work here is booming right now. but we did only have 2 investigators at church again. A lot of the people who promise us that they are going to come, end up going to the river that morning to play.... :P

1. But yeah, Daniel Tissera was baptized!! He is awesome. He reminds me a lot of dad. Big, Strong, Good with words, has a funny chuckle, and is always giving advice to his kids.

2. And I had that opportunity to talk to his mom about the gospel as well last night. We went over to her house and talked to her about the baptism and why she didn´t go. she said that she would cry to much......... And? haha but yeah, she said that likes the changes that she is seeing in the life of her son and his wife. so we invited her to be baptized. She ate it up! I love when I can see the gospel touch an investigator´s heart and tell them that they need to be baptized.

3. I saw a wicked dog fight. yeah, it was legit. Max would´ve live a minute out here.

4. Haha, one of our investigators had a baby! and guess what they named it? Ian Collin Trevor Gonzalez!!!!.....

Totally kidding, his name is Ian Gonzalez.

5. Thrice this week we have been invited over to investigator´s houses to make an american breakfeast. so yeah, us elders (mainly elder richter), cooked pancakes and french toast. Except they don´t have syrup here so we put dulce de leche on them.... not as good. :P

6. I received two packages!! One from the fam. and one from the other fam in Colorado! Thanks a lot guys. Now elder Cardenas knows what beef jerkey is like.. SOOOOO delicious.

7. We had a fútbol friday these last two fridays and a lot of kids showed up. And Mauro, one of our recent baptisms, got robbed! so he had to track them down on his moto and get his phone and stuff back.  But yeah, its fun playing fútbol here, and even more fun playing basketball because all they ever do is pass it to me! I feel like an allstar here.

8. An elder returned from his mission in Chile here. he came with us today to one of our members home to have an american breakfast. Graciela is my mom here in argentina. I love her, without her, i think i would die from starvation. I am not excited to leave this area to go to a different because I know that i won´t have here with me whenever I want. :(

9. Elder richter and I had about 18 contacts at one time! it was pretty legit.

10.  We started teaching an english class!! It made me feel a lot better about my spanish when i heard them try to say the alphabet. haha and by them, I mean Mauro, because he was the only one who showed up.

But other than that, the life here in Córdoba is the same! I hope you all have a great week! Remember the Importance and Significance of your baptism, because there are some people in the world searching for the true church but they just don´t know where to find it!

Love you,

Elder Gray

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