Monday, January 23, 2012

Letter #22

So mom.... how much do you love me? is there any way i can get a new camera? :) just a little cheap one that takes pictures. I think elder Larson is getting mad at me for asking to borrow his all the time... but whatever!! :) Here is what happened this week:

1. I was in a fight (sort of):

I was in the fight, not in the fight. We were playing soccer at hte church this last week with a bunch of investigators and kids we always play with. Then they didn´t play anymore because they were so tired. So i just said that we were going to play basketball. Then the kids formt he villa decided that they were going to play soccer on the whole court, even though we were already playing on one half of the court. So then one of our investigators got pissed and stole their ball and told them to start playing on the other side. then the villa kid got mad and hit him in the arm. Then our investigator hit him in the face... then a brawl... blah blah blah.... we split them up... then this huge 40 year old dude came out of nowhere and hit our investigator in the face and gave hima bloody nose.... so we called the cops.... etc.... and so on and so forth. now we aren´t playing soccer anymore!! haha

2. I had a baptism

We baptized natalia this week! she has two brothers on missions right now. one of them is in Mesa, Arizona (where elder larson lives) and he visited his family and sent elder larson a picture of him and his mom. So natalia received a letter from her brother. then there was a part of the letter that was in english and her brother said that she needed to go to the missionaries sot aht they could translate it. so she was on the street and elder larson, and elder ferreira passed by. elder larson read it and it basically said, " this is my sister. these are her needs. please teach her." it was really funny. so elder larson just said that the letter said that he loves her and that they were goint o start coming by more often. long story short, she is now baptized!! haha :) i wish i could send you pictures, but the computers here dont work that good. so next week hopefully.

3. I started a 40 day fast

I started a 40 fast of things that keep me from having the spirit! its going pretty good right now.

4. Elder Richter got sick. next week

5. Adrian and Veronica are freaking out at us. next week

I hope you are all good! ill talk to you next week!

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