Monday, March 12, 2012

Letter #29

Wow!!! I cant believe that Jamison is already home as well! Its crazy how time flies.... Especially since this transfer is already over and I have my new comp!! His name is elder Holtby and he is from South Jordan. And supposedly he lives really close to Gretchen.... But I dont remember him. haha. but yeah. He´s been living with the assistants for almost a year so hopefully some of his work and teachings will rub off on me.
Happy Birthday Logan!! I hope it was great and I hope you have a great second year!

Happy Birthday Tiff!! thanks for writing me this week...... not.... but its all good. :)
Happy Vacation family!! I hpe you have a great time in St George.... where it is still freezing right?

Happy Winning Real!! One of the members in my ward right now told me that Real beat the Galaxy the other day so it is fun to hear that :) And supposedly they have a player from Salta Argentina! it will be fun to get back to watch them play again :)

Happy Knee Mom!! Sounds like you are doing good. and it sounds like marci had a good time talking with you when you were drugged! hahaha

Happy Indexing mom!! Keep up the work. you dont know how many souls are thanking you in heaven for progressing their work.

This week nothing to big has happened... We invited a lot of people to church this week! like ten or so.... but..... it turned out to be the same ol church without anyone there.. It sucks not being an example for the zone when im supposed to be the one gettting everyone excited to get peopel to church... but then i cant get anyone there... :P but its ok. I just need to have a little more faith! Because it says millions of times in the bible of all the stuff they couldnt do because of the lack of faith. My goal this week..... FAITH!! in everything that i do!!

Other than that, the most exciting thing this week was transfers.. Elder Montalban is in Villa Allende. Elder Bryant, Marchant, and I stayed here in Jardín/San Carlos. and elder Holtby is here now. 

I feel like John the Baptist preparing the way for someone else much more important to come and be the example for all the people.

Dont have much more to say this week other than i hope you are all safe!!

Elder Gray

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