Monday, March 26, 2012

Letter #31

1. General Conference
I am so excited to hear from our prophets and apostles this upcoming weekend!!!!! WOOOHAHHOHOOO! I was sitting in church yesterday listening to our branch president talk about how we´re not going to have church next week.... And i was like..... Wait..... why not? then i realized.... Oh Yeah!!! General Conference! Im excited to hear what President Monson has to say to the world. What we need to do to stay clear of Satan and his temptations. How we can better our relationships with our families. How we can be more spiritually pure and clean. How we can get more out of the Sacred Scriptures etc. I can´t wait to hear what everyone learns this next week! If you have a chance, read about the first general conference that we have had. It is in Mosiah chapter 2! This week, me and my comp are planning on doing 100 contacts each! So basically Im goign to be talking to every single person that I meet. Because really, I can bet money that the prophet will say something that the person will need. We can always bet on the prophet. :)

2. Zone Conference
This week we had zone conference! It was way super exciting to hear all the different talks from the President, his wife, the assistants and some of the Zone Leaders. We learned that if we want to be really successful, we need to not only have member lessons, but have the lessons inside of the members house! If we contact 100 people, 1 person will progress.... but if we contact 100 people, have a lesson with a member, 10 of them will progress. If we contact 100 people, have the lessons in the member´s house, 70 of them will progress to their baptism..... That is a substantial number! So basically, we told all of these numbers at our ward council meeting, and the members are pumped now!!! So You´ll be hearing a lot about all the people whoa re going to start progressing here pretty soon!

3. Familia Lescano
The familia Lescano are definitely my favorite family here in Jardín. We went to their house the other day, they told us that they were doing pretty bad.... So we went back to the pension, prayed, got the together forever video, went back to their house, prayed, watched it, prayed again. After the Final prayer, they got up and hugged.... hugged for the first time in 6 months!! That hug lasted about 3 minutes. then their kids went up and hugged them... everyone started crying.... etc. I know that God was in there, listening to that lesson, guiding my comp and i on the things that we needed to say. I know that the Spirit touched the hearts of the parents to really realize that their family isn´t supposed to end at death, but has a purpose and should last forever. If God is so preoccupied over families, I know that it is one of the best things that will bring me happiness. I am grateful fo rthe family that I have and how much they do for me. I also know that all your prayers answered this families prayers, so i want to say thanks!!

4. Letters! and packages!
I received some letters and some packages this week!! Woohooo!! Its so fun to hear from you guys, keep sending them!! and if you´re too lazy to write by hand, our mission president gives us permission to write whoever we want through our email! so this is

5. 200 days.
My sister Cassie told me that I have 200 days in the mission.... That is definitely weird. I hope you all have had a safe 200 days at home, growing, living, experiencing, loving, caring, and most importantly, doing what Christ would do. I love you all and cant wait to see you in 530 days more!

With loads of love,

Elder Gray

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