Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Letter #68 Conferencia de la Navidad

Hola chavones!

This week was wonderful. We ended up having a lot of really good lessons with investigators and with less active members. SofĂ­a ended up saying that she wanted to go to church and she came!!!.... with our help. haha

We had a great lesson with her where we talked about the spirit that she felt when she saw the testaments. When she started talking about that feeling she got, I felt the spirit way strong and I told her that she would feel the same way at church. She was like, "ok!". so we put a goal that she would go to sleep early this saturdaya nd that she wouldwake up early to go to churhc. I called her that Saturday to confirm and she said she was just about to head to bed.... this was at 9:30ish. The next morning, whe show up to church and we waited for her during the first class. After that class we ended up going to her class and her grandma went to get her out of bed. She came into the room with her pajamas on and was like.... "hey guys, today I cant go... my dad came looking for me last night and i got back at 5 and ended up going to bed at 8..." I was a little bummed but then I just told her that she can take a really big nap after church.... She then said, ".... Can I wear jeans?" of course she can.... as long as her body is in the church building. haha She went and got dressed and ended up afterwards telling me that she really did feel good in the church and tat she wants to go again this next week....

So the next step... talking to her about baptism!! woohoo!

I hope I can start taking more pictures,.... but my camera has been acting weird and keeps eating all of the batteries. :P

We also had Christmas conference yesterday where santa came and visited us. he ended up giving me a package all the way from the US from the family. haha It was really Presidente Salas dressed up as santa with all the packages that the family sent to me. Mom, dont get mad but i opened the present.... I couldn´t wait!! but just to let you know, I´ll re wrap it and put it under our christmas tree that we got and ill reopen it for christmas. :D

I really learned a lot in the conference.... One thing in particular that I learned was how perfect the church really is.... but really. it is perfect. Starting from adam and eve, all the way to today... the church, and especially God has always worked in the same way. I really hope that we as missionaries can help our investigators understand the perfectness of the gospel.

It is really really hot right now..... I am sweating while typing on the computer... :P that is pathetic. I hope you all can go do a big snow angel for me. make sure to take pictures! I sure do miss them.

If you are thinking about sending me late christmas gifts, just send me a box..... of photos!! :D or a nice little christmas card will do. everyone keeps asking me why i dont ahve a family photo and why all my friends look like they are 12.... i think it is because those are the only photos i have. haha :D

so please please please send me more photos! :D

I really hope you all have a great week. God works miracles everyday.. keep your eye out for them!

Alex, get your papers in asap!!

With lots of love,

Elder Gray

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