Monday, December 31, 2012

Letter #71 Feliz Ano Nuevo! D&C 4:2,5

Hola Familia,

How is everyone doing? I am doing just amazing here in Alta Gracia. This week we had a very special event that I have been waiting for for about a month now.... We had another baptism! :D SofĂ­a ended up being baptized. It was a really cool baptism. I ended up playing the piano for the prelude music and postlude music. Its been a long time since I have played piano in a big crowd before. The other elders in Crucero had a baptism as well so it was cool to see how many members came out to support them. We also had 2 investigators there which was really cool.

I wish I had my photos so that i could send you some... :P

I also got a random call from the bishop this Sunday morning at 8:30.... "Elder?".... "YEah?".... "How are you doing?".... "Very good bishop, how bout you?".... "excellent thanks, hey, can you give a talk at church today?"........................

So yeah, I gave a talk in church yesterday about how we are all "Hijos de Dios" and how we need to put the things we learn into practice.

This year has been an awesome year. I have learned so much and I hope that i can be able to put the things I have learned into practice. I am also trying to put DC4;2,5 into practice. I want to stop doing some of the little things that impede me from serving God with ALL of my heart soul mind and strength. Because if not, I will be found with "culpa" in the last day.

I hope that each and every single one of us can make a couple of goals for the next year. A goal that will challenge us. And make it a spiritual goal. One goal that I have is to invite atleast 6 people to listen to our special message every day. I know that will help us especially as a companionship to find, teach, and baptize. For every 1000 people we talk to, 1 will get baptized. Sot he more I talk, the more baptisms I will se in my mission.

I also plan on being more loving. I al ready just amazing at loving everyone ( :-) ), but I want to be better. I want to show the love I have for other people.

So let this year be a year of change. A year of bettering. A year of love. A year of God in every moment.

I love you all and hope you start the new year with the determination to be the best person that God wants you to be.

Elder Gray

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