Friday, January 11, 2013

Letter #72

Whats up!!

First of all, sorry it took so long to write you all. I only have a few minutes to write because I´m supposed to be working right now. But president said I could take some time to write.

I couldn´t write monday because this transfer they called me to be a district leader and i had to go to Córdoba to a new leader meeting.... So yeah, im a new district leader.... (revelation?? I dont think so...) haha.

I also got a new companion, Elder Ramirez. And he is legit! He has got 4 months in the mission and he´s a Chileno. He has the most faith that I have ever seen in a missionary. Its really inspiring to me. And with this faith that he has, we have found A LOT OF FAMILIES.

one family is the familia Tejeda. Its a grandma, a mom, and her three kids. Rosa is the grandma and she is the sweetest! She is basically in love with me and with the Book of Mormon. She wont stop reading it. Mariela is the mom, and she is legit. She loves her kids so much that she works allllll day. But then she also takes the time to receive us. The kids are Agustín(16), Jeremias(9), and Facundo(8). They are really cool. We went to visit the family yesterday witht he YOung mens presidnet and he invited all of them to come play futbol and to come to the activites and to church... So the whole family is coming to church this week.

Theya re also getting baptized the 26th. :D Pray for them please!

WE also found Milagros and Vanina. They are two daughters of an inactive member. We have been taeaching milagros for the last couple of weeks but she hasn´t progressed that much because she doesn´t go to church. Then during one lesson her sister vanina walked in and sat down with us and so we started teaching her. WE ended up asking her to get baptized and she accepted. So now the two of them have the goal of the 2nd of february to get baptized. And they knw that they have to go to church so that they can complete the goal.

That really is the most of all tha thas happened this week! I hope you are all well!

Elder Gray

ps. I got a package! Thanks for the ties and the rubiks cube :D

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