Monday, January 21, 2013

Letter #74 Ether 12:12

Woo.... we had a lot of cool miracles this week.

And I dont know if i told you all, but the stake president came to our ward and gave us a big shpeal about the goals that we have to put and he kinda dropped cain on us for not completing with them all as a ward.... but after a couple of minutes of dropping cain, he turned to us elders and was like, "you elders had a goal of 20 baptisms... and you ended up with.... 21.... nicely done". Man, i felt proud to be a missionary.

But yeah, now as a ward we have a huge mission push. We have to get 26 baptisms this year. Which would mean about 2 each month. which means... a lot more help from the members. Im really pumped to see the changes in the members.

We have permission from the bishop to go to different houses to tell people to step it up... so its kinda fun :D

We ended up having 2 peopl in church this week. Rosa and Mariela couln´t go because they were on vacation... but we had Luis Miguel, and the bishops daughter in church.

So luis miguel was a really cool person we found knocking doors. He opened up.... walked out in his boxers.... and was like, hey dudes. after a couple of minutes talking to him about his job, his band, etc.... we told him we were going to talk to him about God and Christ. He agreed and he ended up loving church. This saturday we have a meeting with him and one of the members that he made friends with is goin to come with us.

This week we should be have 5 baptisms..... por ahí.... 4 from us... and 1 from crucero.... So we are really PUMPED! boo yeah.

The other cool thing that is happening this week is that i think wea re goin to have interviews.... so im going to ask president about the whole school thing to see what he says. Maybe i could come home 3 weeks early instead of a whole 6..... but hey, we´ll see what he says.

I really know that we can all have a grand miracle in our lives. But as ether 12:12 says... it requires faith!! and what is faith? faith is work!!

If we want to be temple worthy, we start working right now...

if we want 26 baptisms.... we start working right now...

if we want our friends to be baptized... we start working right now...

if we want a miracle.... we work right now!

I love you all and i hope you´re all ok

Talk to you next week! pray for Rosa, Mariela, Facundo, Jeremias, and Alicia!

Elder Gray

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