Monday, January 28, 2013

Letter #75 The Brother of Jared

Hello Family and friends,

This week was pretty awesome. We are really excited to start having a lot of baptisms in February. This week we had 2 people come to church . One was Luis, who assisted the other week and the other was the bishops daughter.... haha So yeah. We have about 8 or 9 peopel that have been to church and so we´ll be getting a lot of people in the water here soon. 

I also had a suprise visit on sunday. The Schollaert Family from Rio Ceballos came to Alta Gracia to come and visit me. They are legit!! They said that they came randomly to Alta Gracia for a vacation... but i sure dont believe them. The whole family is so much more grown up.

This week we had a lot of trials and a lot of miracles. It reminded me of the Brother of Jared who had to find a way to light the ships and so he found the way and then asked God for help.

This week, we needed help. But we decided that we would find the way for the help to come, and then ask for the miracle. We did see the hand of God in our lives this week. We asked that we could see baptisms in February and it is for sure goign to happen. The way we decided we are going to do it is through the members, and losing ourselves in the work. So we knelt down and asked God for a miracle to happen and we went out to work. ALL of the the members wanted to help us out this week. ALL of them had references, and ALL of our lessons were a member present. It was truly a miracle. ALL of our investigators now has a friend that is a member and who they can rely on.

I challenge all of you to ask God for a miracle. Find the way for it to happen, work through it all with your faith, and then kneel down and ask him for it.

I thought it was cool to see that in the scriptures, all of the people kneeled to ask God for something.

Enos kneeled for a remission of his sins.

Joseph kneeled to find out the truth.

Christ kneeled to pay for our sins.

We can kneel to ask for an answer, to receive a miracle, to give thanks, etc.

Kneel, and the miracles will come.

I hope that all of you are doing great!! Only 222 days to go!

Lots of love,

Elder Gray

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