Monday, January 14, 2013

Letter #73 "Éstos son los que recibieron el testimonio de Jesús" -D&C 76:51

So I was thinking the other day during one of my studies.... "How can I have more success with the people I teach?" And for some reason, I have no idea why, I decided to read about the celestial kingdom. So I started reading in verse 51 and I ended in verse 70.... But in verse 53 it hit me.... Am I being the celestial type of missionary? or am I being the terrestrial type of missionary that is described in verse 79.....

Wow.... The spirit dropped a HUGE CAIN on me...

So to start out this week.... I would invite all of you to be heirs of the celestial kingdom and not the terrestrial. Be who God knows we can be.

This week was amazing! We had a ton of success as a district. In total, as a goal we have 20 lessons each week for each companionship. There are 3 companionships in my district so as a district we should have 60 lessons a week.... This week we ended up with 98....

This district is awesome! And this week we´re going to put our focus more on having 100 lessons with a member present in the lesson.

Here in Alta Gracia we had a lot of success. The Tejeda family is progressing really well. Rosa, Mariela, and Facundo ended up coming to church this Sunday! It was awesome to see Rosa, who is 65, walking up a huge hill to get to church, using her cain. She is a stud. And im pretty sure she loves me. She always cries when she sees me walking up to the house. She also calls me  "grace". haha

So we are full ahead with our baptism of the Tejeda family. they should be getting baptized not this week, but the next one.

Crucero also is having a baptism this next week.

Santa Rosa baptized 2 people the first week of January so our district will end up being a district of "Zion"! :D 

Zion is where all the companionships baptize. As a Mission, we have the goal to be Zion for a month, where every single companioship baptizes.

We also are working a lot more with the members. We have Felipe who is starting to come with us every day for an hour or two. And also Hermano Rapossi is coming with us every other day.

Needless to say, everyone here in Alta Gracia is pumped.... We´ve received a lot of great references from the members of people that they have been preparing for a long time. So hopefully we´ll be having more new people in church next week!! :D

We spent 4 hours cleaning the pension today.... (thats definitely a record for me). IT IS SUPER CLEAN! :D

WEll.... thats about it for this week. I hope you all have a great week!

Be safe and keep up the scripture study :D

Con muchísimo amor,

Elder Gray

"Por lo tanto, cuán grande es la importancia de dar a conocer estas cosas a los habitantes de la tierra, para que sepan que ninguna carne puede morar en la presencia de Dios, sino por medio de los méritos, y misericordia, y gracia del Santo Mesías, quien da su vida, según la carne, y la vuelve a tomar por el poder del Espíritu, para efectuar la resurrección de los muertos, siendo el primero que ha de resucitar." -2 Nefi 2:8

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