Monday, December 3, 2012

Letter #67 LOVE

Buen día amigos.

Espero que éstos tiempos podemos recordar la importancia del amor. Todo este mundo está construido por amor. Y todo lo que pasa acá en este mundo que va para atrás, es porque no tenemos amor unos a otros.

Espero que siempre tengamos amor.

This week was pretty good. We had a lot more lessons and we had the zone leaders come visit us. This week I made a decision to start using a different type of approach to people.. The usual approach that I do is I always talk about Christ and start talking about how the church was organized in old times and how it was lost....So basically I always talked about the Restoration... This week, I was reading in pmg and I read about the importance of families... So this week, I just talked about families... Their  families, my family, their dog´s family, etc.

And it worked!! People here in Alta Gracia are really open to talking about the US and about my family. And once I start sharing about my family, they open up abou theirs.

I also talked to a guy in sign language... Soooo greatful I took a year of it. I didn´t know any gospel words so i ended up just giving hima folleto.

But yeah, this week we should be having a lot more lessons in the houses of members and in the investigators house. I have yet.... to enter into a house of an investigator, sit down, and teach them. All of our lessons are outside, or in the door step.

But we did find this realy cool family, the familia Quinteros. They are very likely that they´ll be coming to church this week.!!

I hope you are all well! :D

Be good, and serve!

elder Gray

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