Monday, July 1, 2013

Bye Bye Presidente Salas, Hello Presidente Alluiad!

Yeah... We have a new president. I dont know him yet but im really excited to see who he is and what kind of focus he puts witht eh missionaries. This week was really hard for me. But it was seriously the best week of my mission.

I feel like i´ve been saying that a lot now... but hey! its the truth!! I know that all the missionaries really feel that way :D

This week we had our farewell with President salas. It is probably the last time I will ever see him before I head back to the States. Right now I know he is in Uruguay with his new calling as a 70. I think he´s organizing another stake. Im glad we all got to say our goodbyes and give him one last big hug. I sure will miss him

I also have to just say that I broke a big rule on the mission... I hugged a sister missionary..... But its ok, i had permission from president :D All of us missionaries hugged hermana Salas and said our goodbyes to her.

Man oh man, I sure am goign to miss them. Their testimonies were soooo intense!! I realy know that this work is directed by Christ himself. He is the head of this church and we will always win.... We just have to decide if we´re going to work for the winning team or not.

This week here in the zone we did a couple of intercambios. I had the chance to work with the assitants and i learned a bit from them. I also wroked with some of the elders in our area and some other areas. Im way excited to see the vision that the elders can have as they put their faith inn the Lord.

This week we also baptized!! Maria got baptized by her older brother Ivan. It was way cool because we gained a lot of trust form the bishop. He wants us to baptize the rest of the family so yeah... we´ll be working with that :D he also drove us to some friends house so now we are going to be teaching his friends.

On sunday we had 2 people in church. Noelia, the girl who is living with the Cabezas family and this girl named melania that is our neighbor baker... she always gives me free criollos :D (little bread things)

Melania should be getting baptized pretty soon but we have to help her find an apartment because she lives with her boyfriend.... but they have nothing going on and she has wanted to move out like a year ago... so we´ll be working withthe bishop on that!

This week should be pretty good. We have planned to go on divisions with a bunch of members to start teaching their friends and such. The Obra Misional is also planning to reshow the transmission of the first presidency and the apostles taht talked about the mission work and how it needs to change. not many members could see it so the bishop announced that EVERYONE has to see it next week. Im pretty pumped :D Im going to have a list that everyone can put down their friends and family members that we can visit and the times that they can take us around.

Something that I was reflecting on the other day. I rembmer when I was younger I would also see videos of house the missionaries would walk about trying to find people (the best two years)... and then other videos two years ago that showed missionaries taking members to lessons... (preach my gospel videos).... and now the big difference in the work is that the members are taking th emissionaries around.... I LOVE IT!!

Well this week should be pretty good. I hope everyone is ok. and I cant wait to see you all this coming month.

Be safe! Baptize!!

Elder Gray

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