Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Concilio,Nuevo Presidente, Return Date, Marriage

This week was pretty cool. A lot of random ZL stuff happened and a couple of cool things happeed in our area.

This week we got a random call on thursday saying tht fridy morning we had to go to cordoba to go meet the new presidnet and receive a capacitation from the assistants. It was way super cool. Ill add some photos here with this message.

President Alliaud is way cool! IHe was a lawyer in Buenos Aires and he and Elder Salas just switched callings. So PResident Alliaud just came ot the mission with a ton of excitement and a lot of "pilas" to star the mission work.

Here are a couple of things i liked about what he said.

1. He congratulated us on baptizing 190... then he said, " I have the vision of 400... and thats if we dont have faith...." WOW!!! im hoping we can see the transition.

2. He talked a lot about changes and arrepentiiento.

3. he also talked about hte veil and how it was rent when Christ died.... Super "deep doctrine". It was spiritually intense.

4. He is super funny! every two minutes he was throwing in a nice joke and hving a ton of help from his family. The kids are hilarious. He has a 1 year old nameed felipe and he is a hoot.. he ran around waving to all of the elders and the sisters and started hitting one of the elders with a broom.

But seriously it was really cool to be face to face with the president of the missiona nd see what are his focuses while he is here. I hope i can learn a lot from him in these last couple of weeks that i am here.

I also talked to him about my release date... He said he would talk tot the secretary to see what he can do because my comp, elder Edmondson, also goes home this transfer aso they would have to blank the ZL area... I shoulod be getting my answer here in this week. They robbed our phone so hopeuflly they can contact me somehow. WE bought a phone and a chip so that people can call us but every time that someone calls us they waste a ton of credit.... but im sure its worthwhile :D

We also had a cool opportunity to help marry a family. We didnt get to go to the wedding becuase we were in Cordoba with the presidnet and such but Dalma and Juan got married and they will be getting baptized the 20th... we held a party for them that night and a lot of their faimily went and so we got a lot of referrals to start visiting.

But yeah! im excite dor this week because we have a baptism! The bakery girl is getting baptised!! Melania is so cool. we jsut ahve to hlep her move out of her house and then it will all be good and clear. :D

Love you all! be safe!

Elder Gray

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