Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Letter #24

Family and friends,
First of all.... Im going to be an uncle again! Woo. you better name
it after your favorite person in the whole wide world!.... aka me. if
not, you can name him Steve Nash, id be ok with that.
Second of all, Elder Montalban heard that i played soccer my whole
life and he wants to have one of the jerseys that i wore as a
remembrance of me. So if you can send me all of my jerseys, please do!
Third: this week. and whats been going on.
1. Elder Montalban has been sick! This week elder M was sick with the
flu, and then a cold. so we were stuck in the pension from tuesday
till thursday. :P
2. I was sick! I got sick for the weekend.... So friday till sunday
morning, elder M and i sat on our beds and talked in spanish while
playing chess and listening to music. needless to say, my spanish has
gotten alot better and his english has gotten a lot better as well.
3. There was a mini tornado here!! is was intense!! This last p-day,
we were walking to the church to play futbol and it started raining.
then we got to the church and started playing a little bit when the
storm really hit us. So we ran inside and waited it out. after it
calmed down a bit, we went and finished our game. the field was
flooded, but thats not going to stop 6 latins and 3 gringos from
playing futbol!! it was serioulsy one of the most fun times ive have
playing futbol yet in my life. and thats a lot of games.
After the game, we were walking back to our pension in the flood from
all the water. so actually we werent walking, we were kinda rafting
with the soccer ball.... we didnt break any rules dont worry! :) and
we did snap a sweet pic of us making a pyramid in the river in the
ps, i think this is where elder M and i got sick.... but it was worth it!!
4. so yeah, the mini tornado hit. and Hogar 3, a little village in our
zone got destroyed... and all of the people were homeless. so this
whole week, with any spare time that we have had, we have been
building houses for them....
Its kinda sad. but the area president, president arnold came and
visited us! i did get to shake his hand and see that the general
authorities still come and help out a lot! It really was a big
testimony builder to see the 6" 5 president lifting up roofing on top
of the roof that we just barely built, while his wife was with the
other wifes helping them clean and cook.
5. I learned how to do a magic trick with a coin and so now i can
really entertain the kids here.
6. We have a baptism coming up with a man named Jose! He was recently
hit by a car and he broke his legs and his fingers. but just 3 weeks
later, he is wakling around the house, coming to greet us at the door,
and making us mate that we cant drink. did i mention that he is 72?
yeah, this guy is a stud. But he cant understand my spanish.....
pucha! but either way he is goign to be put into the water the 25 of
7.I learned a new trick with the futbol. its pretty legit...
8. I met the branch! they are legit. we have an rm in our ward, and
she loves to try to help us with everything. so we think we are going
to have her come visit our investigators with us this week.
9. We are going to contact a ton this week! So hopefully my english
wits with my spanish words, combined witht he spirit will do the
trick! :)
10. I received a package from Dylan! So i have been eating delicious
chocolate goodies this week. thanks Dyl! :)
I love you all and hope that you have a great time this week. Remember
there are three things that will keep you spiritually strong your
entire life. 1. Daily prayer 2. Daily scripture STUDY. 3. going to
church every week.
im going to add a number 4, ENJOY LIFE! :)
Elder Gray

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