Monday, February 13, 2012

Letter #25

Hello fam and friendzzzz,

how are you all doing? this week has been a lot better! we found a lot of people that we are going to start teaching! and it was all in one day. definitely a blessing from the lord. So a LOT of things happened this week.

1. Flia Rojo. The Red family moved! So us elders went and helped them move into their new... living quarters... yeah. it was pretty fun. we got there at about 1030, and didnt get home until 530. it was a longggggg day witha  lottttt of stuff.

2. Maxi. We found Maxi!!! So in Area Jardin, there is barrio Jardin, Barrio Chino (which really means china town), and lots of others. But there is another place called Bouwer, which is 30 minutes away from all the others.... (its kinda like our ward, how most of it is in jordan willows, then there is us) So we went out there for an entire afternoon just to find people. The first door we came to was a woman named Marta. After her we knocked a few more houses, left some Restauration pamphlets, then decided to head down a road that was pure mud (definitely being guided by the spirit). So at the end of the road is a house, we knocked it, and Maxi comes from behind the house and asks us if we want some water......  HECK YEAH WE DO!!!..... so we get invited inside, then we talk about his life and how he wants to have a family, he was evangelist, hasnt been to church in a while, wants to change churches.... badabing badaboom, we are teaching him. then we get to talking about baptism, and he says he was never baptized in the evangelitst church, but was baptized at the age of 7 in the catholice church..... "how"..... "they put water on my head"...."do you think it would be good to be baptized the way christ was?"...."I was just thinking that 5 seconds ago and yes".... badabing badaboom, he will get baptized in a month or so. we didnt put a date because he didnt want one at the moment. it was a legit contact.

3. Marta. We walked up the first house, i tripped, fell on my face, looked up and there was a lady staring at me with her kids. so yeah, "uh, hola". then we start talking to her and she says she has no time for us because saturdays are the only day she has free to do all the stuff for her family and to spend time with her family. so we say "ok, is it ok if we come in for 5 minutes to have a prayer with your family?" "yeah, sure". bada bing bada boom... were in the house, and 50 minutes later, after a discussion, we leave. boom. love it. I love this work, all we need in 5 minutes and the spirit will testify of what were doing.

4. Jose. we have to postpone his baptismal date because he didnt come to church :P pucha! theres a longer story behind this, but, im not going to share it.

5. 76%. Im at 76% for my fasting!! i just hope i can get above 90 by the last week!

6. Asado! Were having an asado this week witht he stake president!! Boom, free food, free meat, free leftovers, free free free free. im not going hungry mom, in case you were worried.

7. Polleria. we live in a polleria, a place that sells chicken. so i have been eating discounted chicken the last week. it is delicious!!! :)

8. Pension. we were told by the pres that we need to clean our pension.... because its been being used by missionaries for about 30 years or so, and its old.

9. Chess. I beat elder Montalban in chess the other day!!! WOO!

10. Valentines Day. Happy Valentines day to all! Know that i give you all a kiss! (here in Argentina, they only kiss....)

Love you all, have a great, safe week!

Elder Gray

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